Spend, Spend

“Today's news headline states "Obama unveiling $15 billion plan to help small business". A billion dollars here and a billion dollars there, it's only money, who cares! Spend, spend, spend.

I hope all of you Democrats are happy!


“Kudos, kudos, kudos to the cast and crew of Always, Patsy Cline! Meg Bishop had the audience from the time the curtain opened until it closed at the end, and left everyone wanting more! Great job, Barbara Peoples who made the story line come alive and believable. From the band to the talent, acting and vocal, it rivaled anything ever seen at the Art's Center, ever!! If you missed it, well....

Teacher's pay

“Do you think our teachers and administrators are underpaid? Will a pay increase help better educate "Johnny"? Go here to check out salaries in Colquitt Co. http://tinyurl.com/dch65t



“Why doesn’t everyone quit complaining about how much money coach Propst makes.. The fact of the matter is you and all of the other whiners would have accepted the same amount of money if you were offered it, whether you could do the job or not. That’s the problem with everyone now, they worry about everyone else's business but their own.

Football value

“You are right about Moultrie not sending a lot of players to the pros. But for myself and quite a few other players, we got a free college education. Even if it only keeps one kid out of the streets, out of jail or out of the cemetery, the football program is a success in my book. You can't put a price tag on a life,

Hiring coaches

“We've tried hiring one of the ‘good ole boys’ and paid him less and got less results. Our board of education should strive to hire the best personnel available, whether it is a teacher counselor, principal, custodian, coach or whatever. A successful football program can generate big bucks that can help keep the other sports going.


“ Is it reasonable to criticize Rush Limbaugh for what he said? Limbaugh believes in less government and capitalism. Why would he therefore want someone, who is promoting bigger government and higher taxes, to succeed?

It is because he wants the country to prosper that he wants Obama to fail because he knows, as most economists do, that increasing government control and raising taxes will not lead to economic growth and recovery.

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