Don't judge

"Some of us need to read our Bibles before we open our mouths. The Bible teaches us not to judge and yet some of us continue to judge Benny Hinn and the people who choose to donate money to him."

Pull over

"I am a county volunteer and I see this every day with my personal vehicle responding to calls. I can have my emergency lights (red and clear that flash) and siren on, which I have a permit to use. and no one cares they just ride like there on a Sunday drive. Please pull over and give right- of- way. It may be your house burning."

Computer use

"The high school library is a public domain after school, so i think it is fair if the librarians allow those who don't have internet at home to go online after school without someone breathing down their necks."

German POWs

"Did you know that Spence Field worked German POW's during the war?

Spence was not only a military air base, but was used as a Minor League Baseball training site and the base had teams of their own."

Consider this

"Drive-through windows too narrow? Have you considered that your truck or SUV may be too wide?"

Crime rate

"I can't believe the crime rate, I've been wittnessing in Moultrie. I moved in 1995, but I touch base through this website. It just floors me to hear about all the crime. I even read about old friends of mine getting in to trouble."

Begins at home

"In response to 'The clock is ticking.' The clock began ticking when these students were in elementary school. It starts at home and parents are the first teachers. The students have been warned about this for some some. There is much help available to them, and they don't take advantage of it."

In response

"In response to the rant about 4-wheelers in Tallokas Trails: The last time I checked, we were not breaking any laws riding in the county.

Speaking of disrespectful, who are you to tell us to move?"

Drug issue

"How can Williams Middle School have students arrested for drugs and it never be reported in the paper?

As a parent, this concerns me. We want to know what's going on around our kids - the good and the bad."

Too fast

"I agree that cars travel too fast on Lower Meigs Road. Many times, they sound like jets flying over. Many travel in excess of 80 miles per hour!

I hope the sheriff's department takes notice and does something before someone is killed out here."

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