An idea

“Here’s an idea for the students crossing Veterans Parkway at the high school. Why don’t we build a crosswalk over the road. I’ve seen this done in other communities. In fact, if you will visit Valdosta State University, you will find one like this connecting one of the parking lots to the campus. Just a thought.


“ Rather than ‘parents putting their foot down,’ I have a better solution, how about a catwalk? We all know kids are gonna break rules,wouldn’t this be better than one of them dying?

Just po folks

“I’m really glad that someone gave me a bureaurcrat’s definition of recession to assure me that I’m not in one. I didn’t have sense enough to know that I can’t afford gas and my grocery bill has nearly doubled. That’s not to mention that I can’t afford good medical care. Us dummies don’t get recessed. We just get po and more po. So, do you have a definition for po?

In response

“I’m fully aware of 9-11, sir or madam. So let’s just go bomb someone. It’ doesn’t matter that the country we’re going to bomb had nothing to do with 9-11. They were not crying for democracy. They had no weapons of mass destruction. And if was about oil, just where the heck did we benefit there? It was all about a malignant political agenda. Your level of international understanding is just above that of a groundhog.

Vicious dog

“Something should be done about the vicious dogs along the bike trail between Sunset School and the airport.

Where was I?

“Where was I on September 11, 2001? I was sitting in front of a TV screen watching an invasion of my country by terrorists that were trained in Afghanistan, by Osama Bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

In retrospect

“It would have been much more efficient and just as defensible if we had invaded Cuba after 9-11. Like Iraq, Cuba had nothing to do with 9-11. But, we wouldn’t have had to drive as far, and I think they found oil off the coast there. I’m just glad we didn’t invade North Korea. They would have kicked our butts royally and no matter how many lives they lost, it would have been written off as population control.

I agree

“I’m with you. I stand by President Bush and his invasion of Iraq. We have to show the world that we won’t be toyed with and reduced to Third World status. You might notice that terrorists haven’t attacked us since we invaded Iraq. Perhaps they are beginning to understand that if you mess with us, you will pay the price.

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