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No sir. Max Cleland was not ‘playing’ with a hand grenade. He picked one up that he thought he had dropped as he was getting off a helicopter. Turns out, it wasn’t his. It was someone else’s. It exploded and subsequently he lost his limbs. He was there in harm’s way. Yes, he was injured by ‘friendly’ fire. Your suggestion that he was doing a juggling act with live hand grenades because Bob Hope didn’t show up is absurd. Your defense of Saxby’s tacky campaign ethics by uttering such rubbish is ludicrous and shameful. Of course Max could have played it safe like some other politicians but he ‘walked the walk’ even if on stumps of limbs.


“So you think Walden’s columns are ‘vulgar.’ Been reading them for years. Don’t see it. Loosen your puritanical shorts fellow or ma’am. Or better yet, don’t read them if you don’t like them. You must not have figured that part out.


“I was watching some clips of Dick Cheney last night. The guy exudes evil. His sneer and his caustic remarks about the war in Iraq turn my stomach. I don’t like Bush, but Bush does have a defense. He simply doesn’t know any better.

American jobs

Germany’s BMW is expanding a South Carolina plant, betting that the weak dollar will make American workers cheaper than those in Germany or Japan. Here’s the Bush legacy: a 30-year trend of exporting jobs is slowly, painfully being reversed. Thanks George. If you’ve got anything else up your sleeve, it’s show and tell time!

Social Security

“We didn’t let Bush have his way with Social Security, so his friends haven’t been able to do to our safety net what they’ve been able to do to the economy.

Still, he’s done his best to bankrupt us so that Social Security becomes an unsustainable proposition.


Told that Americans oppose the Iraq war by a two-to-one margin, the vice president said, “So?”

This arrogant attitude toward popular sovereignty – on constant exhibit by this administration since it took power – may have something to do with the measure of its success in exporting it to others.

If the will of the people is given no relevance or consideration here, what confidence can people there have that such a system will benefit them?

Islam requires its faithful to submit to but one thing: the will of Allah. They’ll never submit to any other power; least of all to a Western civilization whose leaders are so obviously intoxicated on it!

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