Thomas comment

“So Cal Thomas says that our economy is not as bad as the media makes it out to be. Wonder who buys gas for this fellow? Has he been to a grocery store lately? Has he looked at our national debt numbers? Does he know that the Air Force is going to let another country build planes for us? It’s rather obvious that Thomas is less a journalist and more a GOP strategist. But when you stick a four-wheel drive in the mud, don’t describe the situation as a ‘heavy dew.’ You’re in the swamp Bubba!

Danger zone

“I have been observing kids running across Veterans Parkway between the high school and Walmart. This is a tragedy waiting to happen. Is there anything we can do?

Cancer research

“The other day I saw a man who must be in his last stages of Pancreatic cancer. Nine years ago I knew a man that quickly passed away from it. Is the medical world really working on fighting this disease or is it about big business? Are we really like sheep?


“As a Berlin citizen I am angry that former police chief Jerry Evers states he has left Berlin in better shape than when he came. We have less police protection than before he came, The chief stayed in his office and did not patrol our neighborhood like he should. I don’t think we’re getting the whole story in this issue.

Hate factor

“Mr. Walden, after reading your Sunday column I thought about an old saying about children which your comments brought back to me. Indeed, a baby is born and doesn’t know how to hate yet. The adults around this child provide this instruction. How sad!

Galls me

“Obviously Mr. Cal Thomas is trying to pour honey on a bad sandwich. Saying that the media is misleading us on how bad the economy is just galls me. I can look around me and see how bad it is.

Gas prices

“Someone asked Bush about high gas prices and he just shrugged his shoulders. What else should we expect? They are not high to him and his big oil buddies.

Plane jobs

“So we are going to let another country manufacture Air Force planes, costing us thousands of jobs. Congress, are you comatose. Oh I understand, you are more interested in baseball players using growth hormones.

How it works

“Yes, our government shot down the satellite. Navy and Pentagon equals government.

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