"Driver's tests and eye exams mean nothing. I know someone who missed every letter on the eye exam, and still had her license renewed. Give me an unlicensed Hispanic driver over a licensed one who can't see any day."


"Our local museum has some Spence Field items.

Please take time and visit the local museum. A visit is well worth your time.

If you enjoy Colquitt County history, then you will enjoy the Museum of Colquitt County History.

The museum is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (afternoon)."

SIgning up

"When Saxby Chambliss had the opportunity to sign a letter to the Senate Budget Committee in support of the CDBG program he opted not to sign. Now that the letter has been signed and sent he wants to join the 55 other senators who actually signed their name to support CDBG?"

Where to look

"If you want to see the history of Spence Field, go to and look at what Mr. Bruce Watson has on the net.

Mr. Watson served at Spence and is in touch with a lot of folks who were there.

Spence Field is full of local history."


"Does anyone in this county have any God in them? I constantly read these quotes about the Hispanics and crime or them being illegal.

Some of them can read English and know that this county is full of hate and prejudice. Repent! I say repent you evil and lustful generation! God will judge you according to your heart."

Job training

"The Job Training Improvement Act got the axe due to it being a poorly conceived and run program. Spending $16 million and only training 200,000 people is not good management. Both parties got it right in killing this program."

Need contact

"Who is the local historian working on Spence Field history ? I'd like to get in contact with them."

Too narrow

"I wonder if other SUV and truck drivers think that the drive in windows at Bank of America are too narrow?"


"I hear about these chases almost every week now. I guess a lot of people don't know in a lot if cases it is a felony to run from the law now. Just pull over. It's not worth 1 to 5 years."

Pull over

"I was always taught, when an emergency vehicle came up from behind, you should pull over and get out of the way.

So why is it so hard for people to do it? If they were responding to your home, you would want them to get there as soon as possible. "

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