"I live within the city limits of Ellenton. Why is it that the Colquitt County Sheriff's Dept. has absolutely no power to do anything to Hispanics (or anyone else for that matter) who insist on playing their music way above what would be considered an excessive noise level?

Exactly how many times does a person have to call and complain?? Someone give me a number so I can get started, 25, 35, 200? We really do need some kind of local police force here in Ellenton. "

Sad day

"I am a former football player for the Packers, and I think it is very sad to see one of the best coaches we have in coach Francis leaving, and what's really sad is that everyone in Colquitt County is going to let it happen. You would think 13 years of service would be appreciated, but I guess not. Good luck coach Francis. Some of us are behind you no matter where you are."


"By a vote of 49 to 46, the Senate has voted down a raise in the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 in the next 26 months. All 49 votes against were Republican votes. And people in this state support the Republican party? Well, they don't support ordinary working people like you and me!"

Turn signal

" Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful thing. But what about the people who had hard times in the past but now have a good paying job but because of hard times in the past can not obtain a home loan? The people in the middle don't get any help. The only way to get help is if you make minimum. wage and have five kids. What message is that sending? Do nothing and we are willing to help you. Try to help yourself and get nowhere because you fell on hard times?"

Driver's test

"I am a bus driver for Colquitt County Board of Education. I would like to know why does the community come down on bus drivers. I would like to see some of you that are complaining experience at least one day as a bus driver. You would probably change your way of thinking.

As a bus driver, you have to watch the roads and also pay close attention to the load behind and make sure that they are safe at all times, and to do this you have to a be a special kind of bus driver and that kind of bus driver is the one who cares about the life of their passengers as well their own life.

So please think twice before you speak negative about another bus driver."

Taking advantage

"I know this does not involve the majority of them, but not ago I experienced a volunteer fireman using his flashing lights to get to his lunch destination on time. I know this, because I followed him. Next time, I will write down the tag number and see where we can go with that."

In response

"I don't support the flaggers in their Confederate issue. But if they will help get Perdue out of office, I will be appreciative."

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