Sheep or a goat?

“Are you a sheep or a goat? I get tired of the UN and other folks around the world telling me what to do. I guess I am a goat for I plan to turn on all my lights on Earth Hour Saturday March 28. After all, the poor electrical worker might not have a job and the the power company might have to raise your rate to make up for all those lost hours.


“CRMC needs a separate entrance for loading and unloading outpatients. The vehicles block the ambulances that need to get to the ER.

4-days a week

“With the attempt to save money, has the school system considered going to a 4 day school week? Other systems nationwide have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on the costs of items like heating, air conditioning, fuel, food, and substitute teachers.

Didn't help

“I don't think the teachers helped matters when in rant and rave the explained that theirs pay is divided over 12 months and the really get paid that much for only a little more than 6 months of work.

Teachers pay

“People really need to get educated on how a teacher gets paid. We do get a paycheck during the summer, but only because our salary is prorated for the whole year. We are paid for 190 days. And by the way, most teachers pay for classroom items out of their own pocket. That's just part of it. We love our job because we love children and hope to make a difference in each life we touch.


“Coaches work all year long, not just 3 months out of the year. My spouse coaches two sports and I don't see him until at least 9 o’clock most nights. He sacrifices time away from his own children to nurture others. Coaches have summer camps, clinics, fundraisers, games that can be 4 hours away or farther, you name it. They also spend a lot of time trying to get the kids recruited. Please don't judge before you know the full story.


“ To all the people on Sundays who like to eat at CRMC cafeteria - please let employees get served as we are at work and the time we have to get our lunch is short. Please think of us who didn’t get to attend church or get to sit and eat a nice Sunday lunch with our families!

The debate

“We get it. Teachers work hard. Coaches work hard. We’ve had coaches and teachers for a long time. Someone decided we needed them both. The public is that someone.

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