Name it

“Will the Post Office ever be finished?  It is a really nice building but every time I drive by I can't help but notice the big blank banner on the front that should have the name of the building on it.

I was tickled

“I was tickled, downright giddy when I read where that woman shot the intruder, sending him running and bleeding through the neighborhood. This is how we stop this garbage in our community. Chalk one up for the good guys! Let there be more!"

Message sent

“I would like to have had a video of that woman shooting the intruder who was trying to break into her house. We have an expression that goes ‘send a message.’ Well, this woman sent a message. More messages need to be sent.

Being informed

“I keep hearing that crime is down in our community. Compared to what? I read other newspapers in our area and I don’t see the reports that I’m reading here. So do the other newspapers not inform their communities of what’s going on. Since I’ve been reading The Moultrie Observer, I’m now more careful about securing my property as well as venturing out at night. Also, I’m armed. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Probably not

“Is it time for the  grand jury to look into unlicensed/uninsured motorist, probably.  Will they, probably not.

Harsh you say?

“A bit harsh? These people used this poor helpless child as their ...I  don't even have words because you have me so ticked at the idea that you think they were treated harshly. I agree our laws are backwards at times but to say they were treated harshly doesn't even compare to the tortures they put the child through.


“I can assure you that the trauma of that child being so abused is much greater than a bank robbery. Perhaps other crimes aren’t given enough justice but don’t take away from the case of extreme child abuse. Those people deserve what they got.


“I do not like going to the post office after the windows close.  I have been approached several times by people asking for money wanting you to take them somewhere or asking if I have any work they can do.

 It is very uncomfortable being approached when the parking lot is empty even though it is still daylight.

Take note

“Hopefully our child abusers will now take note.

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