“ The recent statement made by Rush Limbaugh is certainly the most unpatriotic statement I've ever heard. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, we are all Americans, and to say that you want our president to fail is the most preposterous thing said in history. Why don't we forget the party that we are and just remember that we are Americans and if our president fails then we fail also.

From where

“Where is president Obama getting the money to pass all these bills? Why pass a stimulus bill so that we can be more in debt?

Why not try and fix the debt we are already in and then figure out something else to do? And why is the government spending money on stem cell research when what we really need is to spend that money on making more jobs for people.

I agree

“ I agree with ‘Safety Issue’. I live on Circle Road and have come to the conclusion that if you are Hispanic, the laws don't apply to you. You can even get away with murder.

Crime reports

“You think the Mexicans don’t get ticketed by law enforcement. Have you read the crime reports in The Observer?

Dead horse

“When the heck are we going to stop beating the dead horse of slavery? No one living now was a slave nor owned a slave.

And no one's lot in life today is because of slavery so find another excuse.


“How many players from Colquitt County have gone on to a professional football career? A handful?

How many of us have to read on a day to day basis? If you play football for a living, thank a coach, if you don't, thank a teacher for your ability to read, add and all of those other useless skills we use in daily life.

Let's put in into perspective, football is a game. Education is not!

Our teachers are trying to prepare the next generation for all of our messes that they will inherit!


“I've been watching the rants about our current dear CCHS coach and his compensation package.

I suppose if a coach kept his players in class to get good grades so they can either get into good employment or college, then his salary can be justified.

But if it's only about wins with no character development, then you'll have to decide if it's worth it.

Also, if you don't like the pay structure, elect school board members who won't pay more for less classroom work.

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