Judicial system

“Is Colquitt County’s judicial system so corrupt that money talks and justice walks?


“Taking food and eating it in the store and not paying for it is not grazing. It’s stealing.


“We should have good communications with our teachers and our students. There is always two sides to a story. Don’t over-react. Love your children and support your teachers.


“To the person who tells us how Christians should act: Because I am a Christian doesn’t mean that I am perfect. Only God is perfect.

Please study the true meaning of Easter. Then you will understand why we are not all perfect.


“Excuse me, but someone explain what the difference between having a get together (you say party) at the South Main Bed and Breakfast versus one of your neighbors hosting a party at their house.

I don't see the difference. Why don't you take on something worthwhile like, drugs, theft, and the crime Moultrie and Colquitt County is experiencing.


“If you don’t believe we already have codes,run up to the health department and give the county $70.00 so they will send a person out to look after three or four days to give you permission to pay someone $700.00 to do what the land owner could do in one day for $250.00


“Speaker Hastert said we had to stay in Iraq "to help stabilize that part of the region and the world." If we're stabilizing anything, I sure don't see it.

If Bush won't start pulling us out, then Congress should show their mettle and begin to pull the funding to begin troop drawdowns.

The Obvious

“Big political whigs come to town to speak the obvious. What a surprise that Hastert endorses Mac Collins! It would be news if one of these guys came to town and actually told us something we didn’t already know. Or at least once spoke from an individual perspective and not party. We certainly don’t expect any congressman to speak for himself and not for the president of the same party. Raise that money boys! That’s what it’s all about anyway.

The opressed

“The thought that it is worth war to save others from oppression is very noble, though i believe that no one is better suited to stop oppression than are the oppressed.

We shouldn’t forget that people always have the power and that all revolution is borne of discontent.

Oppressive regimes will be overthrown by the oppressed when the people can bear no more - our intervention is unnecessary.

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