Enjoyed it

“I want to tell the Rev. Boatwright how much I enjoyed his commentary on Black History. I hope he will do more.

Lame Comment

“In response to Mr. Taylor’s letter in Tuesday’s paper: I’m often amused at how someone will pull a single fact out of a barrel of ten thousand facts and based on that one piece of data label everything else a lie. What lies are you talking about Mr. Taylor — that slavery did not exist? Are you proposing because one black person owned slaves then that exonerates the many thousands of white land owners who kept them in chains.

I’m surprised you did not pull out that old bigoted argument that if Africans had not been enslaved and brought here in chains, whipped and forced to do back breaking labor then they would not have eventually prospered into community leaders, industrialists, sports legends, ministers, doctors, scientists, etc. What a lame commentary you have offered us. I’m white, by the way.


“ Lobbyists are, and always have been, a greater danger to our American way of life and security than any external force from other religions or countries. Is it the fault of the lobbyists themselves or the decay of loyalty whereby our leaders sell themselves to these people and discard the interest of the people that elected them? This is not just a national problem, it is alive locally too!

Great President

“Bush is a great president ... the most important thing to me is not all the unimportant crap you find to put him down with ... it’s that he’s a man of God. He does pray and asks God to guide him and did you ever stop to think that all that’s happening is all God’s plan and God’s will.

No input

“ It’s kind of funny all the zoning ordinances brought up by the commission don’t involve input from the citizens that they will affect. It’s time for the commissioners up for election this year to go and those that aren’t need to be recalled! We need people who respond to the concerns of the citizens not carry out their own agenda.

Bush haters

“A Republican governor is banning abortion. Ok, all you Bush hating Democrats. Tell all of us terrible Repubilcans how bad we are wanting to protect the most vunerable of us.


“Colquitt County citizens you need to complain about our garbage system. I say we pay our bills like they pick up our garbage and that is sure to get their attention. There have been several occasions when the garbage has been missed on North Pine Drive. Either pick up the garbage like it is suppose to be done or get new garbage people. This is getting old.

Follow it

“When you see a policeman speeding with no lights or sirens, follow him and see where he’s going.

In response

“Every February I hear those of small minds ask why there is no ‘White History Month?’ Well, there is. Actually, it’s the other 11 months. Now I can’t wait for the cerebrally vacant to challenge what I have just written.


“I want to thank all of those citizens who help support our youth during events like the steer and hog shows. Such involvement promotes strong youth development and allows the public to see that our leaders of tommorrow are learn skills and discipline.


“We are in Iraq fighting for freedom while our Legislature is considering giving developers the right to tax citizens. Folks we really need to step way out and look at the big picture and notice the many contradictions that are upon us. If we don’t, we’ll will shoot ourselves in both feet.

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