Hard workers

"Many of the products you see in the produce section of the grocery are there because of dedicated, hard-working Hispanics. Do you see any rocking chairs on their front porches?"


"Recently we had a fire in our housing complex. I want to thank the Moultrie Fire Department, the Red Cross, police and EMS teams for such a quick response."

In response

"Bush didn't finally discover 'that we need to pursue alternate energy sources'. He actually proposed the same thing four years ago when he submitted his energy proposal. You know, the one the Democrats have been stalling in Congress for five years. I would suggest you read Chapter 5 of the National Energy Policy Development Group report dated May 2001 before you make unwise comments without being educated further."


"So why is Bush changing some of his ways lately? Seems like the auto mogals aren't selling their expensive vehicles and RV's so they are putting the pressure on. It's really a shame it takes that kind of pressure to get something done or changed, only when it affects the rich and powerful! Thank God this will be his last term!"

Day in court

"In reference to the spray painters marching for graduation: If they 1. passed the graduation tests 2. passed all their classes 3. paid restitution for the damage they caused, then they should have the chance to march. They will have their day in court."

Great job

"I would like to congratulate the boys track team at Colquitt Co. High. All that hard work paid off in Jefferson. Great Job!"

Health issues

"Don't we have a local health board and health department? Why haven't these people taken a strong stand on septic problems that we keep hearing about in some of these trailer parks. Maybe we need to get state officials in on this before we have some kind of disease outbreak."

Do the math

"In a recent rant, someone made the outlandish statement that the economy was 10 times better under Clinton. In 1997, the economic high point of Clinton's administration, the GDP was 3.1 percent.. Unemployment figures were 5.2 overall, 4.5 whites, 10.7 blacks and 8.6 for Latinos. Compared with 1st quarter '05 for Bush, GDP 3.1, unemployment 5.2 overall, 4.4 whites, 10.3 blacks, and 5.7 for Latinos. Do the math and tell me how that is 10 times better please!"

Not cool

"I feel sorry for young boys who can't afford the proper size pants. No one thinks you are cool by dressing in pants 5 sizes too big and holding them up with your hands."

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