Many blessed

"Moultrie has truly lost a wonderful, devout Christian . Rev. C.E. Shepherd was a friend to all no matter their race or nationality. He was a true man of God. My son and I were blessed to have known known him as were many whose path he crossed."

Great experience

"I recently attended the 50th anniversary of Kingwood Baptist Church. The pastor, staff and members did a fantastic job in preparing for the special event. It was a wonderful worship experience."

Reed Bingham

"I think it's great that so many of our youngsters are coming in close contact with nature out at Reed Bingham State Park. The story in The Moultrie Observer indicates that our park is being used more and more and I particularly like the idea that youth programs are on their agenda."

Enjoyed it

"I enjoyed the story on Heritage Church and its 'makeover' project this past week. This is a great way to take faith into the community and make it visible."

I agree

"I agree with a commentary in this column a few days ago. Yes, some of the comments reflect a childish mentality on behalf of whoever called it in, but the forum is open to all and I think it's important that we are allowed to vent and praise."


"I am surprised that a person, of any color, being almost 50 years old has not acquired enough wisdom to tell the difference in the flag wavers. Could you not differentiate between a war protester waving the American flag and a soldier waving the flag in honor of the war effort? It boils down to the hands on the staff. It is not the flag that creates diversity of opinion, it is the flag waver!"

Good job

" Good job to the Colquitt County 50th Regiment Band Boosters on the band banquet! It was really good!"


"The county commissioners need to stop making derogatory statements about neighboring county zoning ordinances, because they are in place and working fine. At least our neighboring counties don't have their heads stuck in the sand. Colquitt County commissioners stop making excuses and get the job done."

A shame

"It is a shame that there is still such racial tension in this world and in this community. Just let it go, its over and done with. Quit trying to hold on to this pitiful racist garbage. Let the rebels have there little group where they wave there flag and don't worry about it. Big deal, I have better things to be concerned with."

Not unusual

"It is not unusual for a coach to bring in assistants. It's been going on for years."

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