The best

“The CCHS Choir Program is one of the best, hardest working programs in the State of Georgia. No one should be criticizing the program, if anything, they should be complementing it!

How we look

“ Does anyone else remember when Moultrie was pretty? I remember a time when the lawns were cut, and when streets were clean and we had pride. Now when you drive through town you see rundown places and people don't care.

In response

“A note to yesterday’s ranter about sentencing some offenders to do yard work. Inmates cannot be put to work on private property.

On doing better

“None of us can complain about the people in Atlanta using so much water unless we are willing to change and conserve too ... we don't even recycle in this town. Come on Moultrie, we can do better.


“On the point of recycling: We do have metal recycling here. What we need in addition to that is glass and plastic.

Cell phones

“What topic is so important that you can't hang up the cell phone and pay attention. Some people are driving 10-15 miles below the speed limit and/or swerving into the other lane because of their cell phone gossip.

Get off the cell phones! You are risking your life and everyone else's.


“Diploma issue. I went to technical school and college and I learned a lot more in technical school because I had far more hands- on experience than in college. Some kids are college material and some are technical but at least they are trying to graduate!


“It's a shame more people are concerned about choir dresses and football than education.

I teach, and I can't get parents to return my calls or come for a parent conference, but boy, they can show up on Friday night for a football game. Let's be glad we have kids who work hard to be involved in extra curricular activities and adults who take the time to work with them.


“ My children and I were involved in an accident Nov. 14 on Highway 37 W. I want to thank everyone who helped. May God bless you.


“ Character and life lessons are important for the football players and so are academics. I just don't see what's wrong with throwing in some intensity towards getting in there and winning football games.

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