Road issue

" I don't care if the 18 wheelers on the Tallokas Road carry the Queen of England or a truck load of cow excrement.

Fact is these trucks are tearing up the road. These trucks drive way too fast for road conditions and Tallokas Road is not wide enough for the big trucks.

Someone will be killed if something is not done about this problem."

What we need

"Moultrie is growing that is a fact. But we need to attract more quality restaurants and a Target would be nice. "

DUE case

"I am sure that the city is trying to keep the story on councilman Herndon under wraps. But this is one citizen that is not going to keep quite. If Mr. Herndon can't make good decisions for his own self, how can we expect him to make good decisions for the City of Moultrie. I am calling for his resignation! I also ask for concerned citizens to do the same."


"Well we have had another wreck at the bridge on the other side of Riverside, and we were lucky no one died. Not only were the people in the wreck at risk, but all of the people who live on the west side of the county because if someone really needed an ambulance, they would not have been able to get to them in time. I waited over 40 minutes in traffic in order to cross the only 1948 bridge that leads into Moultrie from the West side.

If we lived on the South, North, or East, we would have plenty of roads into town. What will it take to get our decision makers' attention?"

Nice touch

"It was nice to see the many fans that came out Friday night to support the Packers basketball games. The pep band added a nice touch to the atmosphere."


"I can understand a new direction in basketball but what direction are we going in baseball.

The baseball team won 3 region championships in a row. They have won 2 State Championships in the past 6 years and have taken numerous teams into the playoffs.

So what direction are they supposed to go?"

Not associated

"Please allow me to set the record straight. Betty Watts was in no way associated with drugs or the sale of drugs. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As a member of the family I want this to be made clear. She was a loving wife, caring mother and proud grandmother. Let her memory not be tarnished. "

Lack of talent

"Lack of talent has a lot to do with the results of this past football season. Lack of talent is due to a lack of numbers entering and staying in the system. By the way, I have probably missed around a dozen football games in the last forty or so years, none of which were missed this past season."

Job is open

"To all you football experts: As I understand it, the school system is looking for a head coach. You might want to apply."

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