“To the ‘Ostrich’ who praised Obama for his being ‘awarded’ the Nobel, make a note of your statement and it' content, and refer back to it in two years.

If you still have the same opinion of him, please consider isolation from the masses, as your ignorance poses a threat to yourself and those around you.

Next election

“The current elected officials in Norman Park have 15 months before the next election's results take effect. If the citizens want their police officers back, they had better stand up and be counted real soon.

Peace prize

“ To the ranter who said President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Price because he is a man of and symbolizes peace. Are you kidding me or do you not pay attention? Obama still has 2 wars ongoing. He promised to bring home troops from Iraq and has yet to make good on that promise.

On top of that he has already sent thousands of more troops to Afghanistan with the possibility of sending thousands more to fight yet he is a symbol of peace? What a joke. He has done nothing of value so far as President.

Windmill farms

“ Do you know that windmill farms across America are destroying our ecology? We enviromentalist wonder if backers of those farms like T. Boone Pickens know that the windmills kill thousands of migrating birds, butterflies, and bats. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama must pass a law to ban them for the sake of the enviroment.

Hush, hush

“ Why is the Board of Education so hush, hush on the problem with the teachers credit union? Put it out in the open, so people will know the truth. All I know is some money went missing. Is this true? What is being done to the person in charge?


“ It is shameful to see and to watch a union like SEIU protest the American Bankers Association because they think they are part of the "big banks" on Wall Street that contributed to the financial meltdown last October and the current recession. Community and local banks were not the problem, but the problem solver. And I am not a banker. A lot of the problems America faces can be placed at the feet of unions and their members. Most unions and its members seriously need some business courses in accounting, corporate law, banking, finance, and economics.

Working fine

“I agree. The four-way stop seems to be working just fine on Adel Highway .

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