“I was wondering why some city utility workers are not required to wear uniforms. i've noticed that several employees do not wear the required attire an i know for a fact that the employees who have uniforms have to pay for those uniforms and i think if a few get away with it u should give back the money to those who pay.

Don't worry

“Dwain, don’t worry about the naysayers. I, too, played cowboys and Indians and for the first time you caused me to give it more thought. I particularly liked the pow wow with Randolph Scott and your defense of the peanut field. Thanks for taking something I can relate to and making a point. It beats the heck out of the political dribble we are bombarded with.

I tried it

“I tried your way. I called 20 people today to reschedule appointments. I got 5. Four of them were upset.

 I left messages for the others ... no one called me back. But if I don't get in touch with the other people, they will be mad also.

 If this is a reason for you to change doctor,  I feel sorry for the doctor that will have you.

Ice cream

“The school in Doerun sells ice cream everyday, at 75 cents per day. How fair is that to students who cannot afford this every day.

At 75 cents it can be a hardship on a lot of parents. Why can they not sell it just one day a week instead of every day?

I certainly don't mind it once a week.

Isn't this contributing to all this child obesity we hear about?

Emulate parents

“I’m thinking that much of our child  obesity problem is because they emulate their parents in so many ways.

Child obesity

“Child obesity is certainly a problem. I applaud any effort to stem this issue.

Indeed, such obesity manifests itself it a lot of other health issues, many of which will be addressed by taxpayers.


“I want to rave about the community leaders who provided the new football field and the school administrators who got rid of superfluous teachers and extra curricular people so we can have all the coaches we need.

Without this leadership what would our record be?


“It’s interesting how people try to understand the most radical and violent aspects of Islam, yet choose to ignore the same principles of Christianity...

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