The difference

“Well, Coach Cokely has discovered that there’s a big difference between private schools in Florida and public schools in Georgia.

Find it a home

“Why euthanize the Rottweiler? Give it a home out in the country away from the general public. Punishing the dog for human mistakes is not humane.

Dog issue

“ Not all Rottweilers are dangerous. That's the impression that people get when one attacks because she was spooked. I have owned Rottweilers for several years and have never had a problem. It's accidents like this that could have been prevented that cause home insurance to go up for people that own dogs that the public thinks is vicious!


“This past week, Britain has become the first country to officially allow the creation of human-animal embryos for research purposes. Such transgenics have existed in private research facilities in the United States, Britain and Australia, where animal eggs are used to create hybrid human embryos for medical research. And you rant about such petty things, when things of this horrible nature go on in the world.

No endangerment

“ I personally know Mr. Hart and the administrators at Odom School. I can assure you that none of them would ever endanger a student at that school. By the way, have you been to this school to watch the afternoon pick up? If you had, you would see that the students never come into contact with those vehicles without an adult escort.

The upset

“With the Saturday night upset at Athens, gas prices will soon plummet. Within two minutes of the game ending, thousands of Dawg fans were ripping the Georgia flags from their pickup truck windows. The resulting decrease in aerodynamic drag will improve national fuel efficiency and bring back cheap gas.

Stay away

“To the person who wrote about the bad smell from the chicken houses - stay off of Cannon Road if you don't like the smell! Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

Packers fall

“Coach Cokely, how can the Packers fall so far so soon. Even Valdosta during last years 1-9 season was competitive! Maybe you need to schedule some of the teams that you beat up on when you were with that private school that you attained your legendary coaching resume.

Over reaction

“Killing the Rotteweiler is over-reaction to a situation. It will solve no problems. Take the dog out of the public and give it a good home.

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