Police issue

“To the person who said they'd like to know that the MPD would respond when needed, how can they? The chief is suspending people for menial reasons where they are already short staffed. Chief, you are failing the people you're supposed to protect.

How to do it

“A note to my fellow city employees. When you want to make a rant or a rave to this forum, write it out or convey it to someone else not employed by the city who will actually send it in. That way, when they try to trap you with a polygraph test, you can truthfully say that you did not send it. Do this for positive or negative comments, because they will just ask you if you have sent anything into the rants and raves. Keep in mind that not only are we city employees, we are also taxpayers and voters!

Pay the man

“The guy is black and not a good ol' boy. That's why he was punished for speaking his mind. Put the man back to work and pay him for his lost wages.

Whose team?

“To the mayor and city manager. We citizens are taxpayers. I think that makes us a vital part of the team as well. What a concept!

Speaking freely

“If we were all penalized for speaking our minds there would be a lot of unemployed people around here.

Live with it

“City manager and mayor, it’s your policy. Now live with it. You sounded so high and mighty in your comments. You will not silence the truth, you can only delay it and frustrate the process that brings it forth. But it will be revealed.

What i found

“I’ve talked to some of the police officers. Guess what, they do not feel like they were maligned. They just work for a system that doesn’t work.

Need More

“I live in northwest Moultrie, near the youth center. The MPD is slow to come to anything in our neighborhood. I have called them on a few occasions, and well if it was an emergency the out come might not be good. Daniels said what he felt and the truth. So now you get punished for pointing out the truth. How sad! We need more people like him who care in this town.

Forced the issue

“The Daniels issue at least has forced the city to admit to the public that it has problems with its police department. So Mr. Daniels, even though you became the sacrificial lamb, your reaction to save the young man and your remarks relative to your frustrations have served the public a great purpose. City management calls your comments malicisiou. The public doesn’t.

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