Health care

“There is no question in my mind health care needs reform. My concern is that I'm not sure another government -run program is the answer. If there is $600-800 billion in waste in Medicare/Medicaid now as the president claims, how will another government-run program fair any better?


“It’s time to upgrade our football facilities in Colquitt County. A couple hundred Packer fans have to sit on the visitor’s side. The sound system is horrible and parking is inadequate.

Good defense

“To the defensive players, you did a great job. You held your own. Keep your heads up, lets get ready for Coffee.


“As a fan and former player, I have been very disappointed in our Packers lack of discipline on the football field in recent years, Friday night I saw a team on the verge of greatness in the near future,. Way to go Probst, and way to play hard guys.

In response

“ Omg! I can not believe that you would say such awful things about people. Whether you are over weight or not the food stamp program is for people in need. Yes, it is abused. Most though who are on the program have children. Not all ‘fat’ people as you put have high blood pressure or diabetes. Those can be had by anybody.

It must be nice to live in your glass house and judge people. I hope it is shatter proof because heaven forbid you ever fall on hard times and you are caught in the welfare office asking for help.

Lower my taxes

“After hearing Obama's speech before both the members of the Senate and Congress, we taxpayers, investors, payers of our own health care, and small business owners did not hear anything new from a community organizer. But those with BBAs and MBAs did get a message from Wall Street. Cigna, Health Net, Humana, UnitedHealth Corp, and other health-insurer shares increased. Is the government-insurance option dead?

For those of us who have paid for our health insurance for decades, we like the current system. And I had to go through a pre-existing condition one time. Lower my taxes and I'll gladly pay more to my health care providers.

The chase

“You ask why did the police chase the man? Did you even read the article or did you just go by what you heard. The man rammed a patrol vehicle. putting the officers lives in danger. You should thank the cops for getting this man off the streets.

If he will hit a cop and run do you actually think he cares about you and your kids. I don’t.

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