“Thanks for the comments about the food bank. When I read the rant that described how well people dressed when they went there, I thought that this person doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Recipients do not go directly to the food bank.

They are screened and the various agencies that screen them pick up the food. Seek the truth and it will make you free. Also, you might want to try volunteering at the food bank. You may be humbled and you will certainly get a better perception of what it’s all about.

To young

“Am I the only mother who thinks there are too many middle school kids that are allowed to have boyfriends and girlfriends? Making out and having sex! Kids should be kids, not kids trying to be adults! Where are the parents? They need to give their children more love and attention, so they don't go looking for it somewhere else!

In response

“To the ranter who said Lincoln had less experience. Lincoln began his political career in 1832, at age 23. He was elected captain of an Illinois militia company, he ran a store, he served four successive terms in the Illinois House of Representatives and became a leader of the Illinois Whig party all before being elected to President in 1860 as a Republican.

That is 28 years in politics. Obama has never been in the military , he has never ran anything and his years in the Senate he has done nothing. In fact over one hundred times he voted present instead of yes or no. He doesn't he have the guts to vote yes or no!

No depth

“Sarah Palin has a right to be wrong and she’s exercised it with gusto. That experience has been too brief and shallow to provide the depth of insight or capacity for deliberative judgment required of one who’d hold the high office she seeks.

Palin is well versed in image building and delivering scripted messages affirming that form follows function. The troubling factor of her candidacy remains a lack of substance. McCain may have chosen the backup he deserves, but it short changes us by a factor of one in having the two viable ticket options on Nov. 4 that we deserve.

His remarks

“Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but Obama has been a real gentleman in his remarks about Sarah Palin. I respect him for his substance as opposed to one-liners. The presidency is not a joking matter, present office holder excluded.

A team

“The Falcons looked like a real football team on Sunday. The emphasis being on the word ‘team.’

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