Don't stroke

“Just so no one strokes over it, there are no plans to build a new football stadium. One person makes a comment in Rants and Raves and suddenly it a point of discussion when there are no merits whatsoever for it. Of course this is a free country where you can say what you please, and that’s the way it should be. There should, however, be a corresponding intelligence to guide discussion.

Deal with it!

“So you want me to tell my kids who absolutely love going to Packer games to stay home with a sitter?? Next time you send a rant go ahead and include a description about the time you were abducted by aliens or when you met Bigfoot. Next home game my kids will be there--deal with it!


“I doubt the person who suggested we build a new football stadium was actually planning to help PAY for it. Some folks just like to toss out ideas and then move on to something else expecting others to follow through.

More to life

“Who came up with the dumb idea of wanting to build a new football stadium. There is more to life in Moultrie then football. I will not support spending my tax money to build a stadium. The one we have is big enough to accommodate a high school football game. If the ranter wants another stadium then he or she should foot the bill.

Children at game

“To be seated in the reserve section at a football game, you are required to have and to show that ticket to the ROTC Cadet that is standing by the stairs. It's pretty simple, one fanny -- one ticket. If you bring five kids, you should have five tickets. (I'm sure there is an age, as to what would be classified "as a baby", that might come with the parents tickets) But ticket or not, I came to see a football game, not to be someone's baby-sitter.

If you bring a child, that has no reserve seat ticket, please keep them in your lap and do not let them run around and turn a nice sporting event into a miserable experience for others.


“You can tell it’s football season. Everyone has his shorts in a wad on everything from seating, parking, coaching, etc.

So far, no one has complained about the hotdogs.

Just for band

“Why do I leave the Packer football games at halftime? I find it stupid to pay my hard earned money to listen to a grown man chew out young players because they don't play the game the way he want's it to be played.

Therefore, I only go for the band's sake. Go 50th Regiment!

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