"I would like to say thank you to the county commissioners for finally getting the land- use plan on the front burner again. We need a zoning ordinance in Colquitt County.


"Money received at the gate for football games will more than pay for fuel to get there. It will also pay for all other sports that do not generate revenue, so that they may exist.

An institution

"Look folks, football is an institution in the South. It is an institution because the people -- that's us -- made it that way. Simply put, more people are interested in high school football than they are a trip to the Riverquarium. Change all those peoples minds about football and you get your way. Otherwise, the people speak.

To save fuel

"Wouldn't it make sense to have a nationwide university competition to create an economical 'smart' traffic light. The light instantly would sense conditions and react accordingly. It would minimize total wait time, fuel consumption, and exhaust pollution. It makes too much sense for the government to do.

Mixed messages

"I am all for making things better for the Hispanic population, but get real if they are given a driver license when they are not legal what are we saying? They should have a time limit just like everyone in this country does. I am also a person who would like to learn their language, I wonder why they don't want to learn mine.

They are the visitors here.I think everyone should be able to feel safe in their homes and am and have always been an advocate for the children, disabled, and elderly. I think we are sending mixed messages here.

Are you kidding?

"You think this country has problems now? I can not imagine the problems we would have if an idiot like Judge Roy Moore came to power!


"Is Sheriff Whittington trying to deflect some of the blame for not protecting the mexican population by now offering to support a bill that would allow illegals to obtain drivers licenses? Sheriff, your job is law enforcement, not law maker. We need a sheriff not a legislator in this county.

Big phony

"George W. Bush is the biggest phony to ever live in the White House. He "stages" or choreographs his every public appearance.

His internet meeting with some of the troops in Iraq on Thursday was scripted as revealed on at least two of the network evening news broadcasts. That is disgusting!

Admittedly every President has done some of the same things, but never to the extent George W. Bush has.

I would not trust that man to ever tell this nation the truth about anything. He is the very epitome of deceit.

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