“Flying a Mexican flag in a public school is disrespectful to this country and the veterans who fought for it. If you want to fly the Mexican flag then go to Mexico. I doubt if anyone there will object.

No small issue

“The people that have minimized the issue of the Mexican flag flying in a public school are probably the same ones that ignore the money being spent on public services for illegal aliens. Last time I checked this was the United States not Mexico-America.

Confederate flag

“A lot of citizens would like to see the Confederate flag displayed as part of Southern history. Apparently the administration at C.A.Gray is intolerate of other views and cultures. Why?

Don't give in

“ Dr. Cason and the C.A. Gray Family don't give in to a few people and remove the Mexican Flag. Keep it hanging there to let your students know that each one of them are important, no matter where they come from. Keep up the good work.

To those people complaining about a flag, you must be a true American. Or I forgot, the only true bloodied Americans are Indians and I am sure they didn't complain. They were here first. Let's hear from them.

Clerk issue

“Why is Berlin loosing its third city clerk for the year. Is the city that hard to work for?


“Obama’s first comment about Russia invading Georgia was for both sides to show restraint. Wow .. what insight he has. What would he say if Russia bombed New York? Both sides calm down? What a leader he is.


“I would like to see the sheriffs department or the Moultrie police direct traffic at the high school in the mornings and at pick up.


“Just so the person/people know, today is Friday. And I just left Walmart. I was a couple of cars down from a pickup truck with a dog inside of it.

My car's outside temp gauge said that it was 110 degree's outside. I didn't have my cell phone, or I would have called the humane society.


“ I am not backwoods or redneck. I am, however, an American. I know there are many Hispanic students in our schools, and I readily accept them.

Are they ready to accept America and become Americans?

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