Trash collecting

"What is 5 of 6? No it is not a team record, it is the number of weeks that the trash has not been collected on the day it was supposed to at Indian Lake. Friday is the day we are to put it out by the road -- 1 week on time, 3 on Saturdays and 2 on Mondays! We call and as usual, nothing every gets done with our wonderful tax paid workers there!

Disgusts me

" I am a United States Marine currently deployed in iraq. When I do get a chance to get to a base and get on the internet, I like to read about news going on back home, it is the only thing I have. It disgusts me to see how the people, you people, sit back in a comfortable environment and talk about my president and our country and my fellow brothers out here who, in fact, are dying for your freedom.


"So Bush is caught with a choreographed script of handpicked soldiers in Iraq responding to predetermined questions and pre-determined answers. Don't be surprised. This is called propaganda. This is the stuff of politics.

Not scripted

"Our president's chat with the troops was not scripted. A walk-through was held prior to the event to help lessen the anxiety of the troops, who were understandably nervous. No one told them what to ask or say.

In response

" Those 'smart traffic lights' someone spoke of already exist, and they are everywhere. The problem is that most drivers aren't smart enough to know where to stop their vehicles in order for the signals to work correctly. Those big white stripes on the road are there for a reason.


"Our local law enforcement, and its leaders, have the primary duty of enforcing our sovereign laws at all levels, which means stopping, arresting, and deporting illegal aliens. All else is way on down the list of possible considerations.

Conserving fuel?

" I saw where it was brought up about canceling football games to conserve gas. Has anyone thought of asking Nascar to do the same! How many cars drive in each race using all of that fuel in their 3-miles-to -one gallon of gas cars? Something to think about next time you fill up!

Vehicle usage

"Why do the city and county employees drive county and city vehicles for their personal use? We the taxpayers should not have to pay for their personal gas, insurance and vehicles. When not on city or county business these vehicles should be parked.

Flags issue

"To the person who thinks flying the Mexican flag was a slap to vets, what is it when rednecks fly the old Georgia flag or the CSA flag under it? Why not protest those flag wavers too?

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