“There’s a whole lot of tailgating going on with big trucks out on Quitman Highway. I turned off Sardis Church Road after looking to my left and seeing a big truck way back down the lane. I turned to come toward Moultrie. He ran right up on my rear and blew his horn. I think some state troopers need to get involved out there. The irony is that he would have slow down to 35 mph just a short piece up the road.


“Seems like all of a sudden we are getting more panhandling around town. I’m pretty sure that a good portion of this has to do with drugs.

What I saw

“ I gave a street person a few bucks the other day. He said he needed food. I doubted it, but I was curious. So I followed him. He went straight to an area known for drug trafficking. I watched him meet some guy out in the street and something was swapped. I can only guess what it was. I’m pretty sure though it wasn’t a cheeseburger.

Yep, a big problem

“Colquitt County Jail is full of meth heads and manufacturers. So yes, the problem is really big here. And you’re right, detox does little to help this problem. Mostly it keeps them off the streets for a month or less at best. Then they are right back out there. Nothing short of a year’s intense counseling and treatment in strict confinement can begin to address this issue. Even then it’s a crap shoot because on his best day an addict is one-inch away from jumping back into the sewer.


“I find it odd that the school superintendent states proudly that the budget is great and the property taxes are plentiful, but, will not reinstate the teacher furlough days. We are one of the few counties that still have them. I guess they feel the teachers have gotten use to them so they keep them in place. That is ridiculous.

Suffering animals

“Why is there no way for the Humane Society to euthanize a suffering stray animal except one day a week? And no vet will help for less then 300 dollars on a weekend.


“Just watched the video of Rep. Sam Watson at the state Capitol recognizing Coach Probst and the state champion Packers. It was awesome!

In response

“In response: GA code: Title 32 Chapter 7 Abandonment, Disposal, or Leasing of property, 32-7-4. Gives the commissioners, department heads, or chairman of the commission the authority to sell any property they deem disposable. As long as they follow the state code.

More jobs?

“So the rumor is that National Beef is going to expand and add jobs. Is this the truth or just another rumor? It would certainly be some badly needed good news.

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