Tuesday, May 20

In response

"Mr. Park, it's been my observation that whenever the Civil War is discussed, the Confederacy is always held as, uh, the loser. Highly regarded, but the loser, all the same.

You know, up North we never ran around with Yankee flags on our pickups, yelling 'Hurrah! We're Yankees! We won the war!'. We didn't really care. There's a good reason for this, Mr. Park. It's because it was 138 years ago. It's history! It's over! We're all Americans, Mr. Park, first and foremost!


"The only teachers today who don't work for the money are the ones who married well and do the job as a hobby.


"Thank you to the person who commented on church softball. My husband plays church-league softball and only goes to church during softball season. It's a shame. It's time someone spoke up, and I think these churches need to do something about it. You are supposed to go to church and worship God, not to play softball.

Go Pack!

"Packer baseball! What else can you say except Go Pack! Keep it up, and there's no time for slacking now! Win it all. You can do it, so get to it!

Old school

"Oh ranter! You are so correct. When there were one-room schoolhouses there was no one not capable of reading and/or doing mathematics and everyone was a top-rated professor in a school of higher learning. There also was no crime, no dissidents nor disease.

There was no need for jails or hospitals. Your neighbor was always your best friend and every night you gathered by the river and sang songs, danced around a fire and told each other how difficult it was to walk the 20 miles to school, uphill, and by some miracle it was a 20 mile walk, uphill again, to get back home.

Oh yes! We need to return to those days before it's too late for society to survive. Not!

The comparison

"Yes, that little one-room schoolhouse is a nice, colorful memory. But the demands today are much greater than that little one-room schoolhouse. We live in a fast-paced, computer driven society. Whether that's good or bad is not the issue -- it's the way things are.

Our modern classrooms are equipped to address much more complex issues than when our grandparents were in school.

One must also remember that many of the pressures put on our modern classrooms come from that very complex world outside.

The old gray mare ain't what she used to be.

Big investment

"For those few people who are suggesting that the old hospital be used for a rehab center or some other service, who are you asking to do this?

Keep in mind that such a project requires substantial investment on someone's part and likely you won't find that kind of interest in a structure that old.

I think the best recourse is to take down the old building and put up a plaque to commemorate its service to our community.

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