Wednesday, June 4


"To the individuals who stole my two granddaughters' bicycles off 30th Ave. N.E., I hope every time you ride them that your shoe laces get hung in the chains, or maybe your consciences will bother you and you will bring them back.


"I want to praise Odom School for their efforts in raising funds for cancer research.


"What is the problem with the eyesores on Old Albany Highway?

Make it a jail

"Why not use the old hospital as a jail or some kind of holding facility?

Crime rate

"You can tell our crime rate is up so high by all the houses that are for sell in Moultrie.

Good idea

"I think it's a wonderful idea to put a park where the old hospital is. Perhaps there could be an area with concessions where parents could wait while their children played.

Low person

"To whoever stole my daughter's scooter off 11th Ave. S.W., you are a very low person to steal from a child.

I quit

"This is not a rant nor rave, it is information. I did not retire from the Colquitt County Volunteer Firefighter's Association, I quit. For all you who have called, I do not at this time want to get into the wherefore and whereafter about it. Let's just say that some members of the association were and are going in a direction that was and is not conducive to the protection of lives and property.

Exciting year

"Way to go Pack! One more series to rope in. No time for relaxing now -- you can rest Saturday while you put a shine on the state trophy. Go Packers! Go! Thanks for an exciting and enjoyable year.

No other use

"There is really no justification in keeping the old hospital. It has served us well and now it is time to be removed. Put up a plaque to commemorate its service to our community, but don't let it become another Swift Building that takes years to resolve.

Crime fight

"Do we have more crime in Moultrie than in surrounding areas or is it that more of it gets reported? I certainly want to know about it, but I also want to see it reduced. I think public involvement in reporting what they see and know is crucial to helping our law enforcement battle these criminals.

Industrial park

"Whatever happened to our search for an industrial park? For a while that's all we could hear and now there's hardly a mention of it. I think we need an update from the EDA.

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