“People like that Zimmerman guy are ‘wannabees.’ They romance firepower and romance their authority which they don’t actually have. They get people hurt. Another example is like that part-time deputy who should have been home playing with his grandkids. Instead, he shoots a suspect thinking he was tazing him.

In response

“If Zimmerman had obeyed authority in the beginning, that young man would never have been killed. It was established that the young man was not breaking the law. What he had done in the past was irrelevant. Zimmerman aggravated the situation and got a kid killed.

Penalty jusified

“It’s hard to believe that Tom Brady pulled such a stunt. You’re right, he didn’t need to do that to win. He’s as good a quarterback as has ever come down the pike. I agree, the penalty is justified.

By the rules

“I make a living in a labor-intensive job every day. So does most of my family. If I can live by rules and maintain integrity, then I expect those who make millions like the professional athletes to be able to do the same. I don’t really care how much the fine was or how many games Brady has to sit out.

Brain injuries

“Following Mr. Walden’s column about boxing and brain injuries and the comments in this column, I did some research. And yes, it’s scary what I found out. I Googled Jerry Quarry who had so much brain damage that he didn’t recognize people. He died in 1999 after a very prolific boxing career with a very sad ending. Brain damage.


“Whether I empty pools of water in my flower pots, etc., I can never detect fewer mosquitoes. Maybe it helps, but I can’t see it helping.

Funny videos

“You make a good point about the funny videos on television. I’m pretty sure many of them are staged. I’m not saying all of them are staged, but many are very suspicious.

Police cars

“On a Tuesday morning, I saw nine police cars in the community and heard one other; all between 8:56 and 11:45. My errands were from Sunset Plaza, Ameris Bank to Rich Oil area and then on to Walmart. How can so much crime be committed with all that police presence? Are they not doing their job?

Road problem

“Can someone please tell me where to go or who can I talk to about getting the railroad tracks on the Cool Springs Road fixed. It's a shame that our hard earned tax money is not being used to better the road that we travel on each and everyday and also destroying our vehicles that we drive in the process.

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