Tuesday, July 1

Not perfect world

"In a perfect world there would be a quick and simple solution to all our crime-related problems. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect and there are no simple solutions.

Crime rates and drugs have long been tied to each other but there are other factors involved. We will never eliminate drugs in our society but we can reduce it if we all work together with our law enforcement folks. We all see things going on that shouldn't be, but no one wants to get involved.

I resent that

"I rather resent the price tag to pave the parking lot at the high school. That money could wait until the budget crunch is over. That money could pay for a teacher's assistant. We could also use a raise in the local supplement.

Welfare people

"Hispanics are not the only ones dragging the test scores down while collecting 'free' money. The only difference is that they actually go out and work. They do the work that that others won't do. We have lots of welfare people besides them.

Start here

"Congratulations to the State of New York for passing a public non-smoking policy! And to the person who said smokers didn't start because they were smart, I'm with you all the way. Let's all vote for a smoke free Georgia, but what's wrong with starting in Moultrie first ?

Deal with it

"America the Offended! What's next? Our platoon motto while I was in the Army was 'deal with it'. All you against smoking in restaurants and drinking on Sundays should adopt that motto, stop whining and complaining and grow up. Don't worry about the fat and calorie-filled food you eat at those places, worry about the person smoking 20 feet across the restaurant.

Your choice

"To the person(s) refusing to eat at restaurants that serve alcohol on Sunday: What is the difference between serving/consuming alcohol during the rest of the week? Make your choice and do it 24-7. You might feel less guilty on Sunday.

In response

"In response to the 'church-goer' who is naive enough to assume that he or she has a franchise on faith relative to restaurants selling alcohol: I am a Christian and I occasionally order a mixed drink when I'm having a meal. I did not say I get slobbering drunk and rowdy. I am responsible. I also know other Christians who do the same thing.

We do not impose our faith on others, beat them over the head with it or attempt to intimidate them into submission. Your lifestyle is yours, but don't assume that you have the answer for all of us. Remember, wine is a constant in the Bible. And no, it wasn't grape juice or else the reference to putting new wine into old wine skins would not have been there. And yes, we are cautioned not to have too much of it, but if you remember the Apostle Paul said it was good for the digestion.

And for what?

"Our soldiers continue to die in Iraq and for what? It's time we quit glorifying George Bush and his ego trip. Remember Vietnam? A little deja vu going here I would say. The idea that we have solved any problems in that country is mythical.

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