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Back on Nov. 8, an asteroid four miles wide shot between the earth and the moon.  Now I know that sounds like a long way off, but in the cosmic picture that’s pretty darn close, considering that we have sent people to the moon and they passed through that very vicinity. I would call that close enough to be referred to as “heavenly horseshoes.”

Now should an asteroid that size hit the earth, the impact would be measured in thousands or millions of deadly megatons.

I’m not trying to alarm anyone, but I think we should stop and think about this occurrence. Perhaps it could cause us to put our lives into proper perspective. While we are fussing and fighting over real estate, political ideologies and the use of steroids in pro sports, a direct hit from one of these big rocks could make a lot of earthly things moot points. In other words, it wouldn’t matter who got elected president. Finding a silver lining in such an incident might be very difficult. I suppose one could rationalize that there is no need in hoeing that buffalo grass out of the butterbeans or eating slimy oatmeal to offset the dangers of high cholesterol if in fact one of these things lined up with us.

So I got to thinking, what if God is trying to get our attention. What if that asteroid was a “shot over the bow.”  In other words, what if He is saying, “So you want to blow something up. Let me show you how it’s done!”

There are many pock marks around the earth where really big rocks have hit us thousands of years ago. If it’s happened once, it can happen again.

I just watched a program on the Discovery Channel about those scientists whose job it is to watch out for asteroids headed our way. They can see them years away.  The big question is:  What if they see one that is on track to smash into Earth? What can they do about it?

I had watched another Discovery program which revealed that there also are some scientists who are exploring ways to alter the course of an oncoming asteroid. One idea is to explode an atomic device on it to break it up or change its trajectory.

Now we don’t read or hear a lot about these projects. Maybe it’s because our science leaders don’t want to put us all in “doomsday” mode should they spot some “incoming.”

Of course there are those among us who might suggest that this is how our world will end. They may have even linked that idea to that Mayan calendar thing where the earth is supposed to end sometime in 2012. Others will say that God is in control, and if He chooses to hit us midship as opposed to lobbing one over the bow, then there’s nothing we can do about it anyway.

All of this is above my head, literally and figuratively. Like many, I don’t go to bed at night wondering if my neighborhood will be put drastically below sea level before daylight. I do, though, wonder about it from time to time.

And I do appreciate those scientists who are keeping watch.  I know they don’t get the attention of a star quarterback or some spoiled rich kids who get their own reality television show. But for me, I want to “high five” them.

I hope I haven’t alarmed anyone. I’m just saying that there is evidence that we’ve been hit before by asteroids, and certainly it’s plausible that such could happen again.

 On the other hand, there is no scientific evidence supporting the idea of Bigfoot. So we might want to reconsider some of the concepts that we spend a lot of time pondering.

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