Dear editor:

What do you think is causing shootings, stabbings, robberies, school dropouts and welfare?

Maybe you think we do not have enough police or the ones we have are incompetent.

In my opinion most of the problems we are experiencing are due to a breakdown of the traditional American family.

National statistics show out-of-wedlock births as: 72.3 percent for blacks; 53.3 percent for Hispanics and 29.1 percent for whites. A few of these children are brought into the mother’s extended family and raised in a normal manner. The others face a life of uncertainty without guidance and love.

Too many children have to raise themselves. The men who fathered them are not around and never intended to be. They drift around impregnating as many women or girls as they can. They keep score so they can brag to their buddies. The children are shifted around from place to place with no stability in their lives.

Children who raise themselves don’t learn to love or be loved. They don’t learn responsibility, respect for themselves or others, or learn to trust and be trusted. They don’t develop self confidence but rather embrace a low self-esteem.

Because they are not provided for they take what they need ... food, money.  Their world is often one of confrontation. As they grow they become more physically aggressive. Because they have no guidance, many of them drop out of school.

They often become associated with groups that are socially dependent. Some call these groups gangs and they feel empowered to do what they want. After all, that’s what they have done all of their lives.

We try to address these problems by treating the symptoms and the federal government is the biggest enabler by rewarding illegitimacy, dropouts, laziness and a general sense of dependency.

Pastors in Albany and Moultrie have gathered to call for a stop to the violence. That doesn’t work. They need to be preaching against illegitimacy and for normal families for children.

Most of us blame those exhibiting these tendencies. We should blame the mothers and their sorry fathers.

Let’s stop treating symptoms and start addressing the problems.

Bruce Leigh


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