Dear editor:

CBS “60 Minutes” recently dealt with homeless people in Florida. They  reported that one third of this nation’s homeless live in Florida.

A solution to reversing this situation does not lie with government, this is a social issue.

“60 Minutes” had no answers to this dilemma.

I think the answer lies in education.

Consider this:

Homeless people come join us and learn a fascinating trade, a new outlook, a new future in farming. Specialized training on the job could be in your future. Lodging furnished, wage specific, no contracts required for legal residents of the U.S.

Learn how to plan and what crops to plant, fertilization, chemical applications, marketing techniques.

Learn to live in the food world of the future. Learn how to live independent of government. Government will hinder your chances for personal freedom and personal choice.

Contact us at XYZ Farms.

I do not believe all homeless are societal dregs. I do believe a second chance can deliver a more stable person.

Tom Rogers


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