Recently in our Rants and Raves column the subjects of welfare and teenage pregnancies have been in great abundance with a broad array of commentary being posted.

It seems a consensus that we have a problem in holding the male tandem of teen pregnancy to the task of helping pay the bills or otherwise showing responsibility for his actions.

This often happens when the pregnant party does not reveal his identity or doesn’t know his identity. Without the identity, of course, the state cannot force his participation in absorbing costs.

So here’s an idea: What if at birth, the DNA of a child was recorded in some computer software easily accessible to agencies pursuing criminals, identifying ‘John Does’, perhaps exonerating the wrongly accused and matching fathers to children.

With that system, when a child is born and the father has not been identified, then “presto,” the computer has his name.

Now some will automatically say this is a violation of privacy — that it’s just another way for Big Brother to spy on you, like Big Brother can’t do that anyway.

Some might say, however, that it would be a good way to help solve crimes and hold people responsible for their actions in the venue of child support.

This opinion piece is not meant to say that this is what ought to be done. It’s just an idea that might be worth further discussion.

Where would you stand on such  a concept?

Please write us a “letter to the editor” and share your feelings.

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