Dear editor:

One of Sen. Hillary Clinton's boldest claims is that she would be ready "on day one" to fill the role as commander-in-chief. During my 18 years of military service, I've had the pleasure of working with some extremely bright, talented, and well educated officers.

Sen. Clinton shares many of the attributes that I respect in good career military officers, but she is totally lacking in a few traits.

As much as Sen. Clinton enjoys using her time as First Lady to bolster and support her knowledge of foreign policy, she is forgetting a memorable incident that happened domestically. Admiral Jeremy (Iron Mike) Boorda, the Chief of Naval Operations, committed suicide. Adm. Boorda was being investigated by Newsweek for wearing an unauthorized device on two of his medals. He was distraught enough over this that he took his own life. He had, after investigation, earned the devices.

Just this week, we once again have Sen. Clinton being caught in a bold-faced lie. Not a white lie or a small fib, but a lie fabricated to bolster her stature by having been under fire in foreign lands.

Rather than admit she lied, her campaign insists that she "misspoke". Even when presented with video that absolutely proves her wrong, they still insist on dancing around the truth.

Adm. Boorda shot himself just for the mere thought that he might be misrepresenting the truth. Sen. Clinton, who insists that she'll be ready "on day one", can't accept the truth if it gets in the way of her goals. Three of the hallmarks of a good officer are duty, honor and integrity.

Sen. Clinton is missing two of those traits and still expects to make a good commander-in-chief? Color me skeptical.

Ronald Hutchins


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