Dear editor:

Over the past few months it has become more and more evident to this writer that the only hope for this country lies in the hands, and hearts, of the real people. The common men and women who make up the vast majority of the individuals.

An influx of individuals from around the world who have no intention of becoming part of the existing socioeconomic structure, who demand that we change to accommodate their language, their customs, their manner of dress, and the demands go on. Over the past 300-plus years when you came here you adapted to the established society, not the other way around.  

It's hard to believe that the founding fathers of this country, the men who were willing to give their lives and fortunes for the freedom which we now enjoy, could have foreseen what we are now becoming.

 As a historian of sorts I have studied and read about how the founders of our country were not only willing but did give up everything to insure that future generations would have more freedom, rights, and benefits than they themselves had. This has been the goal of each of the following generations, leave it better than we found it. But look around now, we are leaving a debt for our children and grand-children that they probably have no chance of paying off.  

Our present leaders, if you wish to call them that, are busy spending more than we are making, they are printing money without any backing, and borrowing from other country's who only wish us harm. If you take a look at the countries who are purchasing our debt, you will see what I mean, the country with the most is China, followed by Japan (a country which we rebuilt only 60 years ago), followed by oil exporters. Where are we headed?

The government continues in the attempt to control our entire lives, with the latest attempt to take over the health care system by using the excuse that “this will provide care for those who can't afford it”. How do they intend to do this?

It's really quite simple, they will continue to raise taxes on the common man and change our health care system to emulate those which can be found in Europe, systems which are failures. They intend to enforce on us, the common men and women, a system that they, the members of the House and Senate, do not have to be a part of, they have a “special” health care system that we, the people who pay for it, aren't eligible to participate in.

 The recent meeting held in the Blair House only illustrates how far we have been removed from the republic that our founding fathers established. The president, who was the self proclaimed moderator of the meeting, interrupted those who disagreed with him and when the meeting was over stated the timing for the sides was so uneven because he “is the President”.  

Look at what the central government is doing to the state and local governments with their unfunded mandates, transferring the cost and responsibility to oversee and finance these mandates, but demanding that the local and state follow their rules. They provide only a small portion of the funding for the education of our children, but demand that we instruct them in a manner that is sometimes totally against what “we the people” believe.  

It has been said by people much smarter than I that we are in the final stage of decline. We now see the “entitlement class” becoming the majority.  

How can we, the real people stand for this, and just what can we do to stop and rectify this situation? We have to stand up and be counted, we have to organize and be heard, the movement has already started, with the “Tea Party Movement”, where the “Don't thread on me” Flag is being flown, the same flag the our forefathers flew in preparation for the first American Revolution. This isn't a call for another war, it's simply a call for us to stand up and be heard, a call for us to change some career politicians jobs and send them back home. The vast majority of us, no matter which „“party” we claim to support, are ready for some change in the political make up at all levels.  

As my Grandfather use to say, “enough said.”

Jack Bridwell


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