"I have given up on television news because I don't give a rip about

Michael Jackson. How about reporting news and leave off the gossip about

Michael Jackson. The National Enquirer has it covered just fine.

Jewish heritage

"About the letter to the editor on Christian heritage: Everything you

said is correct except you didn't go back quite far enough. It's

actually the Jewish heritage upon which all of Christianity is based.

Check it out

"In response to 'I do worry' concerning the Red Cross filtering out

dangerous white blood cells: I would suggest you get on the computer and

go to southeasternbloodcenter.org and look at their information. Whoever

is giving you this information about bad cells is incorrect and must be

propaganda. SCBC is here to stay.

Honors programs

"I wish that when schools have honors programs, they would do the honors

and let those parents who have to go back to work then leave as opposed

to having all the singing.

I disagree

"In reference to the letter to the editor about Christian heritage. This

letter implies or says outright that non-Christians have never made any

significant contributions to our society. While I am a Christian, I

disagree with this position. I have known people who do not profess to

be Christians that are very caring, compassionate and benevolent to

human service causes.

It's this type of self-righteousness that turns some people against some


Furthermore, if you will study your history books, you will find that

this country was discovered out of a sense of adventurism -- not

religious freedom. It's true that some people came here for that

purpose. Many others came to escape debt, to seek wealth and some came

simply out of a sense of expanding empires. In fact, Spain controlled

most of the eastern United States long before England got into the


Wasted money

" I see now where the school system is wasting more tax dollars by hiring

a business in Texas to teach our school employees common sense. Did we

really need to pay someone to tell us to turn the lights off when we

leave the room and adjust the thermostats to a more efficient setting?

If no new equipment is needed then what are they going to retrofit? Are

we paying them to install programmable thermostats? The local power

companies will provide energy saving tips and advice free of charge.

Blood costs

"Just ask an official at the hospital and you will learn that Red Cross

charges more for the blood they sell (which you donate) than the other

company. If you really want to know the truth, visit the web site for

the FDA and search on Red Cross. You will see this quote about the Red

Cross: "17 years of serious and persistent violations of blood safety

rules" and there is more.

Religious freedom

"I appreciate the editorial on the Ten Commandments. Yes, we have plenty

of opportunity to worship and spread that message if we choose to do it.

Don't just talk your faith, live it.

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