Good morning! It’s election day!

Today we have the opportunity to embrace and uplift the most fundamental element of our democracy. We have the right to choose.

In case you haven’t noticed, in every race on today’s ballot, each vote counts, meaning one vote can decide the outcome. And in case you have forgotten, just a few years ago, a county commission race right here in Colquitt County was won by a single vote. So the old excuse “my vote doesn’t count” won’t hold water. It’s just another way of saying, “let someone else do it.”

Today we help decide the outcome of a T-SPLOST issue for Southwest Georgia. This is a regional vote. It’s possible that it can pass in Colquitt County and fail overall. Likewise, it can be defeated in Colquitt County and pass overall. Either way — good, bad or ugly — the outcome is in our hands.

We have local races, some of which are partisan and some non-partisan.

Perhaps as much as the specific decisions we make today being important, the fact that we cast a vote and uphold the very fiber of a democratic republic is just as important.

 Only in the presidential election can electors override the popular vote. But keep in mind that our democracy stems from the grassroots where all races below the top executive are one-man, one-vote.

Also, keep in mind that it’s from these same grassroots from which we send young soldiers into battle to protect these rights. And sadly, it’s among these same grassroots where they too often are laid to rest, having made the ultimate sacrifice to uphold the concept of a democratic America.

And if a free election is the result of their sacrifices, as so many of us believe, then failure to be a part of that system dishonors them.

Keep in mind that voting in America is a very efficient and convenient process. Voting precincts are strategically located all over the county. One doesn’t have to ford streams, climb hillsides and dodge bullets to get there. And hopefully we actually love this system as much as we say we do, and we will never will have to face such obstacles.

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