"I can't believe that anyone thinks that the DOT/and or Colquitt County

officials can keep up with the condition of every tree that stands next

to every road in the county.

I also can't believe that anyone would use that belief to profit from

the deaths of two young people except for maybe the lawyers who would

get 50-60 percent of the take.

I doubt it

" I seriously doubt that anyone old or young in Moultrie is eating dog

food and freezing in the winter because of the cost of Christmas lights.

It really boils down to being cheap and fussy.


" More of the same immature irrational girl-talk? If your lover-boy beat

you on your honeymoon -- as you claim -- then (a) you did not really

know him very well at all or make a wise mature choice before the 'I do'

part, and (b) you should have left with sparks under your heels during

your honeymoon!

Not a race track

"To all the NASCAR wannabes out there, Second Street Southeast is not a

race track! Please slow down! The limit is 35mph, not 70mph.

Especially late nights on the weekends. A lot of families with kids and

dogs live there.

Just a dime

"Thank you Moultrie Observer for the story about the Christmas lights.

Now that everyone in the city knows that it only costs them 10 cents per

year to have this nice holiday feature, perhaps we can get off this

issue. In essence, having these lights on doesn't keep anyone from

buying their food and medicine. The only thing I know that you can even

buy for a dime anymore is a gum ball.

Death toll

"The death toll of Americans in Iraq has now risen to more than 400 since

that war started earlier this year. And how many innocent bystanders

were killed? Now we hear that the U.S. government is about ready to turn

this 'democracy' (hee, hee) over to those folks so that occupational

forces can come home.

There is good news and bad news in this. First, our soldiers will not be

sacrificing their lives in that God-forsaken land. That's the good news.

The bad news is, a year after we leave, you won't be able to tell a

dime's worth of difference in turmoil there, despite the fact that we

will have invested more than $90 billion.

Just imagine if we had invested that kind of money here at home.

But if we did that, we would be called bleeding heart liberals.


"I had friends from out of town to ask me when our Christmas lights would

be turned on. They want to bring their grandkids here to see them.

That's great testimony to their value.

Good investiment

"If it only costs us 10 cents a year to burn the Christmas lights, I

think that is a great investment. Consider all the traffic that these

lights generate. Traffic translates to business.

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