Dear editor:

Why you should think twice before voting on the T-SPLOST 1% sales tax on July 31. 2012.

It will raise your taxes an extra $300 yearly for the average family. This is on top of an already $2100 in sales taxes you are paying.

It will hit the fixed income and the poor the hardest as they are the least able to endure another sales tax.

Your county will not get all of the 1% tax it collects, as some of it will go to Region projects out of your county that you probably will never use.

Your county most likely has not published what it would do with the 25% LARP monies it will receive back from the 100% it contributes to the Region.

 Most voters do not know where the 25% monies will be spent within their county.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) will receive a 95% increase to their budget if the tax passes.

That 95% is a HUGE increase of money and not all projects will be done in the 10 year cycle as there are not enough Engineers or Construction companies to do all the projects promised.

The costs of projects are estimated out to 8-10 years in advance and NO one can predict what construction cost will be in 8-10 years.

We do know costs will rise as the cost of everything rises over time.

This means some of those projects will not be done during the 10 years of the tax, and an extension of the tax will be asked for, similar to SPLOST tax extensions. The taxes very seldom die and become permanent.

Mike Sims

Blairsville, Ga.

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