"We need a turn signal at Adel Highway and Veterans Parkway. The traffic

there is really bad.

The difference

"We as teachers have a responsibility to your child. We are not

responsible for your child.


"There is more to child abuse than hitting them with a stick. Anyone who

wants to take good literature out of schools such as "The Grapes of

Wrath" are guilty of not wanting to educate their children or ours.


"I would like to suggest to the Expo people that this show be held on

Thursday, Friday and Saturday so that more folks who are working from 8

a.m. to 6 p.m. could attend.


"Do you know where your kids were last night. They were stealing things

out of cars on Willow Drive. They got away. They won't get away unharmed

next time.

In response

"I've been reading a lot about women being mistreated. Sometimes, it's

the men who get mistreated.


"Hurrah for Mrs. Michie. The new drive at Okapilco School is nice.


"It's sad that so many working people go for the radio ranting of Rush

Limbaugh and the similar demagoguery on the Fox network. It probably

helps them feel they are bullies just like Rush. They don't catch on

that Rush and others are carrying water for the rich and powerful. That

hypocrisy is far worse than Rush's popping pain pills while railing

against others who do the same thing.

Do you think?

"Do you think our educational officials have realized one thing that may

be causing our drop out rate to be as high as it is could be due to a

child going to school from age 4 until completion of 12th grade?

Child's future

"It took all my restraint not to respond to the education issues and as

you can see, I lost. Pre-k offers an age appropriate curriculum that,

hopefully, will benefit your child's future learning experience.

If one is concerned that their child can't catch up in the first grade

you can enroll them in pre-k, or spend some of your valuable time

working with them and showing them how important education is. A

positive education experience shouldn't be up to the teachers alone.

It should be a combined effort on the parts of the teachers and the

parents. Reinforce what your child is being taught in school, support

the teacher and show up in the classroom from time to time.

The Rush factor

"When people find solace or even entertainment in listening to people

like Rush Limbaugh, it's an effort to defend their ignorance and even to

perpetuate the same. Limbaugh is/was a paid mouthpiece. He appeals to

those who cannot or refuse to think. Since there are so many of those

kinds of people, old Rush makes a bunch of money .

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