"Everybody says Kerry is a flip-flopper because the Bush campaign says he is. On Sept. 13, 2001, Bush said finding bin Laden is our No. 1 priority and we will not rest until we find him. Six months later he said he didn't know where bin Laden is and really don't care, 'it's not our priority.'

First he opposed establishing Homeland Security and then changed his mind and supported it. He opposed the 9-11 Commission and then supported it.

He said Condelezza Rice should not appear for testimony, then said she should. He said he would not appear, then he said he would. He said he had no ambition to use 9-11 as a campaign issue but now it's a major part of that campaign. The list goes on.

So who is the flip-flopper?

Did you notice?

"Is it just me or have you noticed that most of the Hispanic arrests are for having no licenses and insurance. So how are they buying these vehicles?

Waiting for you

"To those who broke into my car and into my house and stole my property: Just come on back any time. I have a friend named Mary Lou. She's my .22. We'll be waiting for you.


"Bush says we need to be consistent in our war on terror. First he didn't want to get into nation building. Now we're building two nations.

Blessing pets?

"I can't believe that we as a Christian nation have come to the point of where our parts are more important than our children. It should be 'bring your child for a blessing, not your pet.' We live in an upside down world. I don't find the blessing of animals in the Bible unless it involved a sacrifice to God.


"It appears to me that the lieutenant governor is just running for office two years from now. How can we get anything done when we have the two highest officials in our state government against each other?

Bush won

"I disagree with the polls. I think George Bush won the first debate.

A joke

" What a joke comparing two days of school missed for the students' safety compared to being paroled. Give us a break! Thank you, Mr. McCoy for putting our children first.

You are right

"You are right about checking out your builder. The City of Moultrie doesn't require builders to have workman's compensation insurance or general liability coverage. So, if someone falls down while working on your home, you will be responsible and loose everything.

Basic flaw

"If someone needs to 'show this person how to raise a child,' then why was she allowed to get pregnant and have a child in the first place? This is a basic flaw in this society, that any warm body can reproduce and pass on the destruction.

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