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The 1957 Masters tournament requested radio operators from the communications school at Fort Gordon Army school at Augusta, Ga., to relay scores to the tote board, using PRC-9 hand held radios. I was a student in the school at this time. I was aware of this social event, but I did not volunteer - sounded kinda boring at the time.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The clash over free trade in North America has long been fought over familiar issues: Low-paid Mexican workers. U.S. factories that move jobs south of the border. Canada's high taxes on imported milk and cheese.

How to handle it: “To the ranter who said it is your right to complain, you are exactly right it is your right, but when your complaint is to …

Find the witch: “Okay, let’s say this thing with Trump’s son is a witch hunt. Then let’s find that witch and burn her at the stake!

"Growing Georgia," an online publication of Growing America, features articles and videos related to farming in the Peach State.