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Some thoughts on the homeless in San Francisco, California and throughout our country. Randy Vining, has been on the road living in various modes of  transport, without bounds for forty years — he has written his story, “Forty Years A  Nomad” and posted interviews on “U” Tube.

When OSHA levied a fine on BT&S Crane and Erection in 1976 — the fine was $140,000 for failure to require 70 ironworkers to wear safety tag lines while working twenty feet above an unprotected area on the Peachtree Plaza 70 story hotel in Atlanta — I, of course had held classes advising of the statute to the ironworkers and possessed a bill of sale for the devices. The arresting officer would hear no protest. I said fine I’ll see you in court.

To express one’s self is a desired trait. Let me re-phrase that — to express one’s self positively is a better trait. I have always admired artistic talent. I have never possessed this gift. Is it a gift or a lack of effort?