MOULTRIE -- Moss Farms divers Lane Bassham and Hannah Moore were repeat winners of the state's top senior and Junior Olympic female awards presented at the annual Georgia All-Star Diving banquet held Saturday in Athens.

Bassham is finishing her outstanding career at the University of Alabama, where she is unbeaten on both the 1-meter and 3-meter boards through the recent Southeastern Conference championships.

Moore, a freshman at Colquitt County High, continues to be one of the country's top age-group divers.

Jonathan Fenelley received the state's top male Junior Olympic diver award for the second straight year.

The University of Georgia's Todd Avery won the senior male Diver of the Year Award, won last year by Colquitt County's Clayton Moss.

The top diver awards were made in conjunction with the annual All-Star Diving meet.

Divers from Moss Farms Diving, Metro Atlanta Diving, Atlanta Diving Association and South Carolina Diving took part.

In addition, divers from Huntsville, Ala., and Knoxville, Tenn., took part.

The Moss Farms divers who took part were:

Nick Taylor, 9-and-under novice, 1-meter, fourth, 69.00.

Kaci Waller, 7-and-under girls novice, 1-meter, first, 53.00; 3-meter, first, 54.00.

Aislin Sheffield, 9-and-under girls novice, 1-meter, first, 87.00; 3-meter, first, 86.50.

Elizabeth Ann Kirkland, 9-and-under girls, 1-meter, second, 122.20; 3-meter, first, 86.50.

Leah Piemonte, 9-and-under girls, 1-meter, first, 130.05; 3-meter, second, 136.10.

Audrey Couch, 9-and-under girls, 1-meter, third, 101.10; 3-meter, third, 128.50.

Ana Jiminez, 11-and-under girls novice, 1-meter, first, 75.00; 3-meter, first, 102.00

Carly Banks, 11-and-under girls, 1-meter, third, 130.60; 3-meter, second, 100.50.

Ann-Perry Blank, 11-and-under girls, 1-meter, first, 198.80; 3-meter, first, 227.35; 13-and-under girls 3-meter, fifth, 235.40.

Nic Price, 13-and-under boys, 3-meter first, 259.55; 1-meter, first, 235.10.

Juliana Bishop, 13-and-under girls novice, 1-meter, second, 107.50; 3-meter, second, 126.00

Anna Aguero, 13-and-under girls, 1-meter, second, 244.30; 3-meter, second, 270.45; 14-15 girls 1-meter, second, 332.40; 3-meter, second, 327.00.

Carly Moore, girls 13-and-under, 1-meter, third, 234.30; 3-meter, sixth, 232.40.

Maddie Qurnell, girls 13-and-under, 1-meter, fourth, 217.25; 3-meter, fourth, 242.50.

Megan Cook, girls 13-and-under, 1-meter, ninth, 177.10; 3-meter, 10th, 181.05.

Eric Winnard, boys 16-18, 1-meter, first, 482.10; 3-meter, first 482.95.

Sara Anderson, girls 16-18 1-meter, third, 283.90; 3-meter, first, 221.20.

Janae Shirley, girls 16-18 1-meter, fifth, 226.65; 3-meter, 192.25.

Ryan Helms, boys 14-15, 1-meter, third, 331.50; 3-meter, third, 365.50.

Owen Blank, boys 14-15, 1-meter, fourth, 286.45; 3-meter, fourth, 319.60.

Jacob Russell, boys 14-15, 1-meter, fifth, 281.05; 3-meter, fifth, 295.10.

Ivey Simpson, girls 14-15 novice, 1-meter, third, 146.30; 3-meter, second, 152.40.

Hannah Moore, girls 14-15, 1-meter, first, 382.85; 3-meter, first, 392.85.

Staci Howard, girls 14-15, 1-meter, fifth, 233.80; 3-meter, sixth, 248.50.

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