MGs compete in Edgewater Classic

Shown are, from left, Moultrie MG’s Naomi De La Cruz, Khloe Booth, Isabel Alligood, Callee Golden, Iella Key, Kinsley Kelley, Julianne Carson, Adysen Hall and Maddy Booth.

MOULTRIE — The Moultrie MG’s traveled to Panama City Beach, FL to compete in the 19th annual Edgewater Classic gymnastics invitational.

The competition hosted over 1,000 gymnasts from 10 states.

The level 8’s competed in the Saturday afternoon session.

Alayah Copeland-Lambert placed 9th in the AA with a 34.05. She also placed 5th on vault with an 8.575.

“This is an event we have struggled with this season, but she is finally having some success. This is also a brand new level for Alayah, which has much harder skill requirements than last season,” said Coach Dawn Harvell.

She scored an 8.7 on beam and a 9.025 on floor.

The level 6 team competed on Sunday morning.

“I am very proud of their performance in Panama City,” said Coach Becky Reagan. “The girls have been practicing very hard for these meets and their scores showed it. We still have some work to do but they are on the right path.”

Bella Raleigh in age group D had an 8.95 on vault, tied for 3rd place, placed 4th on bars with an 8.75, and finished 5th AA with a 35.425. Bella led the team again and has been consistent with her all around scores all season at this new level.

“She is a very strong competitor,” said Harvell.

Kayla Scroggins, age group E, counted on 2 events for our team score. She placed 5th on vault with a 9.025, and 6th on floor with a 9.2, giving her a personal best score for the season. She finished 10th AA with a 32.925.

Aubree Clements, age group E, broke the MG Record for floor with a 9.25 giving her a 5th place win.

“She has a beautiful floor routine and is always consistent in showing it off. After the competition, the floor judge even commented on how beautiful her floor music and routine was,” said Harvell.

Aubree placed 9th in the AA with a 33.8. Eliza Jane Reagan, age group A, placed 8th in the AA with a 33.1. She also scored an 8.525 on vault and an 8.45 on floor.

Nataleigh Bryant, age group B, placed 8th in the AA with a 33.25. She also scored an 8.75 on vault and an 8.9 on floor.

Ansley Key competed in the Xcel Platinum session on Sunday. She placed 8th in the AA, age group H, with a 31.45. She scored an 8.65 on vault and an 8.825 on floor.

“Ansley moved into the Platinum level in the middle of the season. She wanted a challenge and has met it head on. I am looking for her to bust out at state meet,” said Harvell.

The Xcel Gold team competed in the first session for Monday morning. Leading the team in age group B was Kenya Morris, who placed 6th in the AA with a 36.025. She also broke the MG Record and had a personal best on beam with a 9.375 to place 5th. Kenya placed 5th on vault, 8.725 and 6th on floor, 9.025.

Lylah Anderson, age group C, placed 6th in the AA with a 35.85. She tied for 5th place on bars, 9.325 and placed 3rd on floor, 9.05.

Ansley Lane, age group A, placed 8th in the AA with a 33.875. She also had a personal best on vault scoring an 8.6 and placed 4th on floor with a score of 9.025.

The Xcel Silver team was the next to the last session on Monday. “Our silver team set their goal to place in the top five and we achieved what we set out to do. The silver girls proved that they are a strong team against many private gyms. Our new goal is to score a 9.5 average per event for our home meet this weekend,” said Coach Jeremy Merritt.

The team had an average score of 9.2 per event.

Callee Golden was our top AA with a score of 36.675 placing 4th in age group E. She also placed 5th on vault, 8.875, 4th on bars, 9.275, and 4th on beam, 9.25.

Also in age group E was Iella Key who placed 5th in the AA with a 34.575. She scored an 8.825, vault, 8.55, bars, 8.525, beam and an 8.675, floor.

Isabel Alligood, age group F, placed 3rd in the AA with a 36.525. She also placed 3rd on bars, 9.35 and placed 2nd on beam, with a personal best, 9.475. She scored on vault an 8.65 and floor a 9.05.

Naomi De La Cruz placed 8th in age group F with an AA score of 35.825. She placed 4th on vault, 8.9, 9.05, bars, 9.1, beam, and an 8.775 on floor.

Julianne Carson in age group D placed 6th in the AA with a 36.55 giving her a personal best. She also placed 6th on vault, 8.8 and 6th on floor, 9.225. She had a personal best on beam with a 9.25.

Khloe Booth, age group D, placed 7th in the AA with a 36.4. She placed 5th on vault, 8.9 and 5th on beam, 9.35. She also scored a 9.025 on bars and a 9.125 on floor.

Kinsley Kelley, age group D, placed 9th in the AA with a 35.75. She scored an 8.5, vault, 9.05, bars, 9.0, beam and a 9.2 on floor.

Adysen Hall, age group C, placed 10th in the AA with a 35.95. She scored an 8.525, vault, 9.15, bars, 9.125, beam, and a 9.15, floor.

Maddy Booth in age group B placed 10th in the AA with a 35.2. She also scored a 8.625, vault, 8.95, bars, 8.625, beam, and a 9.0, floor.

“These girls did really well on the two hardest events, bars and beam,” said Harvell. “We will do some drills to make the other events better. We are looking forward to continuing to fix and change parts of their routines where they are receiving deductions to get them ready for the state meet.”

In the last session on Monday night the Xcel Bronze competed.

“This is the first time in several years we have taken this group to Panama City,” said Harvell. “They did not disappoint!

“They went to win and took 5th place in the team division with a 113.175. This gave them a 9.4 average score per event. I am looking for this group to go far and they are very easy to coach.”

The team leader was Ava Solanki, age group D, who placed 2nd in the AA with a 37.925. She also broke the MG Record and had a personal best on bars with a 9.675 for 3rd place. Ava placed 1st on vault, 9.375, 3rd on beam, 9.275, and 1st on floor, 9.6 (personal best).

Whitley Bozeman, also in age group D, placed 5th in the AA with a 36.35. She placed 4th on bars, 9.65 (personal best), 5th on beam, 9.1, and 5th on floor, 9.25.

Addison Blaxton, age group H, placed 8th in the AA with a 37.35. She placed 4th on floor, 9.75, on bars, 9.45, and beam, 9.275.

Olivia Eubanks, age group B, placed 4th in the AA with a 36.725 (personal best). She placed 2nd on vault, 9.025, 1st on bars, 9.6 (personal best), 5th on beam, 9.075, and on floor, 9.025 (personal best).

Lexie Miller, age group A, placed 2nd in the AA with a 36.95. She tied for 3rd on vault, 9.025, 3rd on bars, 9.45 (personal best), 4th on beam, 9.075, and 2nd on floor, 9.4 (personal best).

Katie Goble, also in age group A, placed 7th in the AA with a 35.675. She scored on vault, 8.575, bars, 8.95, placed 5th on beam, 8.975, and floor, 9.175.

Katie Morris, age group C, placed 4th in the AA 36.725. She place 5th on bars, 9.225 (personal best), 5th on beam, 9.275, 3rd on floor, 9.575 (personal best), and scored an 8.65 on vault.

Jaceleigh Smithwick, age group E, placed 6th in the AA 36.9. She placed 2nd on floor, 9.65 (personal best), vault, 8.725, bars, 9.35 (personal best), and beam, 9.175.

Alyssa Howell, also in age group E, placed 7th in the AA 36.8. She placed 5th on vault, 9.025, tied for 6th on beam, 9.275, bars, 9.375, and floor, 9.125.

Brantlee Majors, age group F, placed 5th in the AA with a 36.65 (personal best). She tied for 3rd on bars, 9.35 (personal best), 3rd on floor, 9.375, vault, 8.925, and beam, 9.0.

Allegra Porteus, age group G, placed 6th in the AA with a 36.8. She scored on vault an 8.875, bars, 9.275, beam, 9.225, and had a personal best on floor with a 9.425.

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