The Moultrie YMCA hosted another successful meet Saturday at the Donald A. Blevins Gymnastics center.

With more than 125 gymnasts competing from 11 teams throughout the southeast, the MGs welcomed their guests with an organized facility and a hard-working, well-prepared staff of parent volunteers. The gymnasts who practice in this gym every week throughout the year capitalized on their home field advantage, breaking numerous personal records and winning several of the team competitions.

The day began with the Level 2 gymnasts.

The MGs excelled in their individual performances and took first place as a team.

Tatum Salter led her team with a personal best and MG record-breaking all-around of 37.15 for first place. She also bested her beam score with a 9.35 and her bar score with a 9.3, both for first place.

Nyla Thompson was the next highest MG, scoring an all-around of 36.45 and placing first. She placed second on bars with a personal best 9.05.

Caylee Harrison, like her teammates, placed first all-around with a personal best 36.35. She set a new personal record on vault, a 9.1 for second, and set a new MG record on beam, a 9.4.

Paige Burnette matched Harrison’s 36.35 all-around and first place finish and set new personal records on bars (9.0), beam (9.2), and floor (9.05).

Ellery McBride had her best meet of the season, setting new personal records on every event and in the all-around. Her highest scores of the day were a 9.25 on vault for third and a 9.2 on floor for first. McBride finished the day with a 36.25 all-around, good for third place.

Eva Kirbo also ended her season with her best competition yet. She scored a 35.9 all-around and scored a 9.2 on vault and a 9.25 on bars, both good for first place; all these scores were personal bests for Kirbo. Aubree Clements finished second in the all-around with a 35.6, a personal best. She also bested her bars (8.75 for first), beam (8.75 for second), and floor (9.0 for first) scores.

Morgaine Leroux competed in her first meet as an MG and finished her meet with a 9.35 on vault for first, an 8.85 on bars, an 8.9 on beam, and an 8.35 on floor. She placed fifth all-around with a 35.45. Jacey Williams, like Leroux, competed in her first meet and performed well. She finished fourth all-around with a 35.4 and scored a 9.05 on vault, an 8.6 on bars, a 9.05 on beam, and an 8.7 on floor. Jamiah Bentley, another new MG, finished the day with a 35.3 for third place. She scored an 8.95 on vault, an 8.95 on bars, a 9.3 on beam for first, and an 8.1 on floor.

Anabele Gonzales scored a 34.75 all-around for fifth, an 8.9 on vault for fifth, and an 8.75 on bars for fourth.

Jaylee Williams, like so many other MG Level 2’s, competed for the first time at Red, White, and You. She scored an 8.8 on vault, a 7.95 on bars, an 8.7 on beam, and an 8.5 on floor. She finished with an all-around of a 33.95.

Maggie Strange improved in four of the five scoring categories. Her personal best all-around of 33.65 earned her a third place finish. She also bested her bar, beam, and floor scores, the highest of which was an 8.4 on beam for fourth.

Ansley Thompson had an all-around of a 33.35. She scored an 8.0 on beam and an 8.45 on floor. All three scores mentioned for Thompson were personal records.

Ashley Strange competed with a mild heel injury but finished the meet with a 32.0, her best score of the season. She also bested her beam score by earning an 8.85.

The final MG Level 2 competitor was Lyla Horn. Red, White, and You was her first competition. She earned a 31.6 all-around and also received a 7.3 on vault, a 7.9 on bars, and 8.0 on beam, and an 8.4 on floor.

“We had a big group compete today and a lot of our girls were competing for the first time,” said Coach Pat Murphy-Meier. “But we excelled as a group and broke lots of new records. I am very proud of our new team girls.”

The Level 3 MGs competed in the second session of competition.

Tayte Braswell led her team with a winning all-around of a 36.95. She also placed first on bars with a 9.4, on beam with a 9.1, and on floor with a 9.25.

Hayley Hamm finished with a strong 36.5 for third place. This was a personal best for Hamm, as was her bar score (a 9.35 for second) and her beam score (a 9.0 for third).

Tyliyah Smith finished just behind her teammate, scoring a personal best 36.4 all-around for first place. She also earned first place on vault with a 9.5 and on bars with a 9.05, both new personal records for Smith.

Addie Hamner had her best met as an MG competitor, scoring a personal best all-around of 36.35, as well as new personal records on vault (a 9.35 for second), bars (a 9.2), and beam (an 8.9).

Teammate Seaven Shorter matched Hamner’s all-around and placed third. Her most impressive performance of the day came on bars, where she set a new MG record of a 9.45 for third place. She also earned nines on both vault and floor.

Brandalyn Fitz had her highest all-around of the season, a 35.65, good for fourth place. She also bested her bar score with a 9.15 for fourth.

Jessica Benson scored a 35.1 all-around for second place in her age division; this score is a personal best for Benson. She also bested her bar score with an 8.5 and set an MG record on beam with a 9.3, good for first.

Brooklyn James had the best all-around of her career, a 34.85, as well as the best bar score (a 9.05) and beam score (an 8.8).

Bethany Holman competed in her first meet as an MG at the Red, White, and You competition and finished with a 34.7 all-around, good for fourth. She scored a 9.05 on vault, an 8.45 on bars, an 8.6 on beam, and an 8.6 on floor.

New teammate Gracie White was just behind Holman, scoring a 34.65 all-around for third place at her first meet ever. She scored a 9.1 on vault, an 8.4 on bars, an 8.5 on bars, and an 8.65 on floor for second place.

Marlie Daniels finished her meet with a 33.9 all-around. Her highest score of the day was an 8.9 on vault. Christina Cox was the final MG Level 3 to compete and she concluded her session of competition with a 33.55 all-around; her highest score of the day as her 9.1 on vault. The team took third place.

“We broke some MG records today and had several personal records broken, too,” said Coach Wendy Scites. “I was most excited about our bar performances. We’ve been working so hard on those and the girls did so well today.”

The Level 4 gymnasts were the next to compete and had a strong session. Each Level 4 MG set a new personal record on vault and in the all-around.

Neya Herndon led her team with a 36.25 all-around, good for second place. She set a new MG record on vault, scoring a 9.2. Herndon’s 8.75 on bars and her 9.0 on beam were also personal records.

Mackenzie Yates narrowly trailed Herndon, finishing her meet with a 36.1 all-around for third. She bested her score for her Level 4 career in every scoring category, beginning with a 9.0 on vault and continuing with an MG record-setting 9.35 on bars for first, a 9.1 on beam, and an 8.65 on floor.

Ava White matched her teammates all-around of a 36.1 for fifth and she also improved in every scoring category. She scored an 8.8 on vault, a 9.1 on bars, a 9.2 on beam, and a 9.0 on floor.

Makenzie Smith finished the meet with a 35.3 all-around and set personal records on vault (an 8.85) and floor (a 9.0).

Ivey Cooper had the best meet of her career as an MG Level 4. She scored an 8.75 on vault, a 9.1 on bars, an 8.4 on beam, and an 8.75 on floor, all personal records for Cooper. She finished with a 35.0 all-around.

Madison Cook was on Cooper’s heels with a 34.95 all-around. She had her highest score on vault (an 8.9) during the meet and even set a new MG record for beam, scoring a 9.25 for first place.

Jaiden Lane was next for the MG’s, placing seventh in the all-around with a 34.85. She bested her scored on vault with an 8.5, on bars with an 8.85, and on beam with a 9.0.

Mackenzie Smith was the final MG Level 4 competitor of the day. She finished her meet with a 33.05 and had a personal best on vault with an 8.75 and on floor with an 8.8.

“The scores were much better for our Level 4’s,” said Coach Leah May. “We are all excited about what was accomplished today and I look forward to hope fully having some Level 5’s by the end of the summer.”

As a team, the Level 4 MGs placed second.

The Level 7’s competed in the last session of the meet. Bryleigh Parkerson set a new MG record for herself in the all-around, scoring a 35.425, on bars with an 8.625, and floor with a 9.1 for first place. She finished second on vault with a 9.2 and on beam with an 8.5.

Sister Alexis Parkerson set a new MG record on beam with an 8.65 for first place.  Alexis had personal bests on bars with an 8.475 and all-around with a 34.95, both for second place.  She placed first on vault with a 9.25.

“Today was a good day for these girls,” said May. “They needed a strong encouraging performance to lead them into training for Nationals and today they delivered”.

In July, the Parkerson twins will travel with the MG Level 8-10 gymnasts to the YMCA National meet in Tampa, Fla., and compete in their first national meet.

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