BAINBRIDGE -- The Colquitt County middle schools tennis teams remain undefeated after winning matches in Bainbridge on Friday.

The middle schools Lady Packers swept their fourth straight opponent, defeating the Lady Bearcats 5-0.

Sydney Jackson remains undefeated after her 8-0 victory over Jessica Monk at No 1 singles. Kate Reeves, at No. 2 singles, also is 4-0 for the season with her 8-1 victory over Melody Finley.

Katy Weilbrenner won her third straight match, defeating Bainbridge's McCall Mason 8-0 at No. 3 singles.

At No. 1 doubles, Sam Rogers and Jessica Harvin won their fourth straight match, defeating Carlie Forrester and Katie Strickland 8-0.

And at No. 2 doubles, Alexa Isaacs and Christin Smith defeated Alana Ward and Alycia Meadows 8-3.

Colquitt's boys won 4-1.

After Brent Allen lost to Tripp Powell 2-8 at No. 1 singles, Austin York defeated Darryl Drew at No. 2 8-0 and Seth DeMott won over Rodney Chambliss 8-5 at No. 3.

At No. 1 doubles, the team of Zach Owen and Zach Clifton won its fourth straight match of the season, defeating Dillon Fowler and Camen Fowler 8-2.

At No. 2 doubles, McClelland Mobley and Patrick Taylor won their third straight match, beating the Fowlers 8-1.

In extra matches, Bainbridge's doubles team of Zakia Dawson and Whitney Washington defeated Meghan Traylor and Leah Eunice 10-9.

Colquitt's Bethany Bradley and Dresden Melton won over Ashley McCoy and Meghan White 6-2. Skylar Gray and Savanna Lamon defeated Bainbridge's Mary Elizabeth and Jordan Jackson 8-3.

Bainbridge's Kayla Godwin and Melody Finley won over Lauren Stripling and Carli Hester 6-2. And Couqitt County Kayla Kelly and Lauren Hall won over Jessica Monk and Carlie Forrester 6-3.

In an extra boys singles match, Colquitt County's Chris Harvin won over Bruce James 8-1. And in an extra doubles match, Bainbridge's Rodney Chambliss and Bruce James defeated Weston Gittens and Walter Murphy 6-2.

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