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MOULTRIE - Colquitt County players won nine singles and three doubles championships at the Georgia Games youth tennis tournament held last week at the Jim Buck Goff Recreation Complex.

The tournament drew 51 players from Tifton, Ocilla, Camilla, Thomasville, Pelham and Moultrie. The format was round robin in all age groups in singles. Single elimination was used in doubles. Because of the large number of participants, some age groups were divided into divisions. Medals were awarded to first-, second- and third-place finishers in each age group.

In 18-and-under boys singles A division, Moultrie's Taylor Dekalb defeated Tifton's Jacob Sauls 6-3; Moultrie's Brian Michie won over Camilla's Michael Rooks 6-0; Michie defeated Dekalb 7-5; Sauls beat Rooks 6-1; and Michie defeated Sauls 6-2 to take first place. Dekalb was second and Sauls third.

In the B division, Tifton's Jarrod Sauls won over Camilla's Brandon Shiver 6-0; Moultrie's Clayton Brooks defeated Tifton's Russ Vann; Brooks won over Sauls 7-6; Vann defeated Shiver 6-2; Sauls took Vann 6-4 and Brooks defeated Shiver 6-1. Brooks won the gold medal, with second place going to Sauls. Vann was third.

Whitney Lightfoot won the 18-and-under girls division, starting with a 6-0 victory over Camilla's Tess Anderson. Camilla's Tyler Anderson won over Camilla's Ashley Kirbo 6-1; Lightfoot won over Kirbo 6-0; Tess Anderson defeated Tyler Anderson 6-4; Lightfoot won over Tyler Anderson 6-0; and Tess Anderson won over Kirbo 6-0. Tyler Anderson was second and Tess Anderson third.

A Tifton player also won the 16-and-under girls division when Becky Alt took the gold medal.

Alt defeated Moultrie's Landi Clark 6-4; Moultrie's Amber Eunice won over Camilla's Brooke Anglin 6-0; Moultrie's Abbigail McCrary won over Moultrie's Monique Murphy 6-2; Alt defeated Anglin 6-3; McCrary won over Clark 6-2; Eunice defeated Murphy 6-1; McCrary defeated Alt 6-4; Murphy won over Anglin 6-4; Eunice defeated Clark 6-2; Alt won over Murphy 6-0; Eunice defeated McCrary 6-2; Clark took Anglin 6-2; Alt won again, defeating Eunice 6-2; Murphy defeated Clark 6-4; and McCrary won over Anglin 6-0.

Eunice and McCrary tied for second. Clark was third.

Moultrie's Alexa Isaacs won the 12-and-under girls division and started with a 6-3 victory over Moultrie's Kate Reeves. Moultrie's Leah Eunice won over Moultrie's Laura Murphy 6-4; Isaacs defeated Eunice 6-1; Reeves defeated Murphy 7-5 and Eunice 6-2; and Isaacs won over Murphy 6-3. Reeves finished second and Murphy was third.

The 14-and-under boys division went to Moultrie's Austin York, who opened with a 6-0 victory over Camilla's Bryant Anglin. Camilla's Will Bostick won over Moultrie's Parker White 6-4; York defeated White 6-1; Anglin defeated Bostick 7-5; Anglin dispatched White 6-1; and York defeated Bostick 6-0. Anglin was second and Bostick took third.

Moultrie's Bradley Michie gave the Michie family its second gold medal when he won the boys 14-and-under B division. Michie opened with a 6-3 victory over Camilla's Michael Sullivan. Moultrie's Luke White won over Camilla's Matt Tucker 6-0; Michie defeated White 6-1; Sullivan won over Tucker 6-0; Michie defeated Tucker 6-0; And Sullivan took White 6-2. Sullivan won the silver medal and White finished third.

Moultrie's Brent Allen won the 14-and-under boys C division.

Allen opened with a 6-1 victory over Camilla's Taylor High; Camilla's Will Murphy won over Moultrie's Seth DeMott 7-5; Allen won over DeMott 6-1; High took Murphy 6-3; DeMott won over High 7-6; and Allen defeated Murphy 6-1. DeMott and High tied for second place. Murphy was third.

Moultrie players took a clean sweep of the 14-and-under boys age group when Kyle Taylor won the D division.

Taylor fell in his first match, losing to Camilla's John Buerkle 6-7. Camilla's Tyler Tucker won over Moultrie's Gaige Gay 7-5; Tucker won over Buerkle 6-4; Taylor won over Gay 6-3; Buerkle defeated Gay 6-1; and Taylor won over Tucker 6-4. Buerkle and Tucker tied for second. Gay was third.

The 12-and-under boys A division opened with Camilla's Matthew Hilliard winning over Ocilla's Wes Elrod 6-3. Thomasville's Thomas Flowers won over Moultrie's Zach Clifton 6-4; Elrod defeated Clifton 6-2; Flowers won two straight, defeating Elrod 6-4 and Clifton 6-4; and Hilliard won over Clifton 6-4.

Flowers won the gold medal. Hilliard was second and Elrod was third.

Camilla's Coy Chambers won the gold medal in the boys 12-and-under B division.

Chambers started with a 7-6 victory over Moultrie's Beau Holden. Moultrie's Christopher Harvin defeated Camilla's Andrew Stargel 6-0. Harvin won over Holden 6-4; Chambers defeated Stargel 6-1; Holden defeated Stargel 6-2; and Chambers won over Harvin 6-4. Holden and Harvin tied for second. Stargel was third.

The 10-and-under matches featured four Moultrie players.

In the boys match, Brandon Oaks won over Bret Holden 8-5. In girls, Ivey Jane Reeves defeated Ann Hall 9-7.

In 16-and-under boys doubles, Russ Vann and Taylor Dekalb won their semifinal match over Clayton Brooks and Brian Michie 6-2. In the finals, Vann and Taylor defeated Jarrod Sauls and Jacob Sauls 6-1.

In 14-and-under boys doubles, Kyle Taylor and Austin York defeated Seth DeMott and Gaige Gay 6-3 in a semifinal match. In the finals, Taylor and York won over Brent Allen and Bradley Michie 6-4.

In 12-and-under doubles, Beau Holden and Laura Murphy won a semifinal match over Wes Elrod and Zach Clifton 6-2. In the finals, Christopher Harvin and Thomas Flowers defeated Holden and Murphy 6-0.

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